Jeffrey Schrier

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workshop @ HVCCA, 11/9/14 Site Specific Mixed Media Construction 18 X 29 Feet © Dan Theodore
WINGS of WITNESS workshop, 11/9/14 Site Specific Mixed Media Construction 29 X 18 Feet © Dan Theodore
WINGS of WITNESS artist talk, 11/9/14 Site Specific Mixed Media Construction 29 X 18 Feet © Dan Theodore
WINGS of WITNESS workshop, 11/9/14 Site Specific Mixed Media Construction 29 X 18 Feet © Dan Theodore
WINGS of WITNESS workshop, 11/9/14 Site Specific Mixed Media Construction 29 X 18 Feet © Dan Theodore
We All Came to Look for America, 1980 Offset Litho Print. Run Of 150. Available #51 150 Paper Size: 22”W X28”H Image Size: 17 ¼ “W X 22 ½ “H © Jeffrey Schrier
Quick Facts

Jeffrey Schrier is an American artist, producing painting, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and assemblage installations that often involve mass community participation. His chosen themes are frequently enlivened through his use of unconventional materials.

WINGS of WITNESS, UNFINISHED FLIGHT: A series of monumental assemblage installations constructed with the assistance of sixty thousand participants, through artist residencies Schrier conducts at museums and educational institutions. The artist uses can tabs that were collected as numerical markers for lives destroyed by genocide, in particular, the Holocaust. With teams of assistants, Schrier configures the components created in his workshops into massive wing-like expanses, resulting in ten site-specific installations, to date. Titled Unfinished Flight, the most recent of the series is currently at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill NY, through December 7, 2014.

Schrier was educated at the Cleveland Institute of Art and California Institute of the Arts.  At CALARTS  painter Emerson Woelffer, challenged Schrier to create a series based on a domino, triggering Schrier’s fascination for working with mundane objects in his art. While occupying a tenth century former Roman monastery on the island of Mallorca, Spain, as his summer studio, Schrier assisted Oxford archeologist William Waldren at his bronze age excavation, an experience that solidified Schrier’s interest in the transience of culture in relation to heritage and identity. During his reseach for an installation commisioned by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, NY, Schrier came into direct physical contact with ancient manuscript fragments dating from 12th century Cairo; further cementing his interest in creating culturally thematic work.  Schrier was an early experimenter with technological imaging as a central process in his art, resulting in inclusion in notable survey exhibitions and publications. Recovery from a crippling childhood disease as well as a near fatal car crash in his 20’s dramatically impact his work. Numerous awards, grants and foundation funding internationally, including Steven Spielberg's Righteous Persons Foundation, support Schrier’s works that involve community participation and address social and environmental issues.

Schrier’s studio occupies a 200 year-old barn overlooking the Hudson River, where his thematic work is strongly influenced by the cycle of tides and seasonal changes.

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