Einat Maor

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Symbols 3, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 100 X 80 Cm
Symbols 2, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 80 X 100 Cm
Survival, 2005 Acrylic On Canvas 91 X111 (Framed)
Changes Acrylic On Canvas 70 X 90 (Framed)
Mystery, 2005 Acrylic On Canvas 70 X 100 Cm (Framed)
Chop, 2006 Acrylic On Canvas 65 X 76 Cm (Framed)
Scenery of Green, 2004 Acrylic On Canvas 68 X 88 Cm (Framed)
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I have been practicing professional art for more than two decades. For the past ten years I have been focusing on painting using mainly acrylics. I'm working in my own personal style, which combines abstract with a touch of graphic influence.


I studied graphic design at the Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion) during 1988-1990 as well as traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, at the Taipei Fine Art Museum (1994-5).


Since the beginning of the Nineties, I spent much of my time living in Asia -  Starting with Katmandu (1991-1994), moving to Taipei (1994-1996), and later on to the metropolis of Shanghai (2001-2005), with my work being enriched by the culture, art, spirit, people and colors of each one the different and unique places.


The Asian influence can easily be noticed in my recent works, with the increased use of the “Chinese colors” (mainly red & gold), as well as the interesting integration between Asian motives and the abstract style, reflecting the spirits of Asia and portraying the connection between east and west.


In the past years I have gradually been more involved with the photography as well, presenting the world through my personal point of view (and lens) and in started presenting my photographic artworks in Israel and abroad.


In the recent years I have developed in the photographic art and have been creating new photographic artworks, expressing my personal point of view and vision of reality.


During the years 2004-2012, my works have been exhibited in more than fifty solo and group exhibitions in Paris (France), London (UK), Vienna (Austria), Vancouver & Montreal (Canada), Miami (USA), Shanghai & Nanjing (China), Cluj (Romania), as well as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and other cities in Israel.


A number of my artworks can be found in private collections around the world, including Israel, UK, China, USA, Switzerland, and Malaysia.


My works are currently being presented in:


Horizon Art Gallery

2143NW 1st Ave, Miami, Florida 33127, USA


X-Style Shanghai

Peach Hotel, Nanjing Rd., Shanghai, China

I am a member of the Professional Visual Artists in Israel Union (Impact), the Free Union of Painters & Sculptors of Haifa and the Northern Region and the Netanya Artists association.