Kate Sybilla Henderson

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Electric Current, 2013 Digital Composition 24 X 30 In © KS Hederson
Jazz Street, 2015 Pastel 20 X 18 © KS Henderson
Easton Place, 2014 Pastel 22 X 15 © KS Henderson
Fluid Motion, 2012 Pastel 28 X 32 © KS Henderson
Castle Hill, 2014 Pastel 22 X 15 © KS Henderson
Intercedent Amongst Cold Spaces, 2013 Digital 24 X 19 In © 2013
Moonlight Symphony, 2013 Digital 24 X 24.5
Water ways, 2013 Digital 24 X 16in © 2013
Pisces Soars on the Bluebird's Wing, 2013 Digital 24 X 18.5 © 2013 KSHenderson
Untitled, 2013 Digital 24 X 19 In © 2013
Monet's Rain, 2013 Digital 24 X 19 In © 2013
Elixar Escape, 2013 Digital 24 X 19 In © 2013
StrataPath, 2013 Digital 24 X 30 In © 2013
Quick Facts
Birth year
Indiana University, 1987, BFA
Yale University
microcosmic., microscopic, biologically based, Medicine, cellular, mixed-media, modern, photography, digital, design, photo

K S Henderson

Natural Abstraction Art

Painting • Digital • Printmaking • •

Artist Statement:

I create environments from natural elements to give people a sense of place, describing emotional essence and energy that connects us to each other and everything around us. My images both describe and celebrate the intrinsically aesthetic structure of the natural world and the ever-present duality in all things. I invite the viewer to see and feel the world both within us and around us, experiencing the macro vs microelements common to all.

Materials are important to me. I maintain the integrity of whatever medium I use whether it’s pastel, paint or digital imaging. I want each medium to have it’s own unique characteristics to provoke the senses, be it optical impressions, viscosity, or the unspeakable sound of elements as they hit the surface.

Painting-with-cells is how I describe the cyto-Illusions series. I start by using microscope images of human cells and also images of abstraction “found” in nature. Through layering and manipulation techniques, I create an image that mirrors micro images on a macro level. On one level the images are a colorful abstraction that allow the viewer to freely explore and experience the image on their own. Many images are suggestive of a specific element such as water, but others are more environmentally placed. On another level the images are about the reality of nature; cells of disease, the growth structure of plants, and the patterns of light filtered through the leaves. The Ctyo-Illusions site showcases this series.


Kate is an artist working in the Connecticut and New York area. Since childhood she has enjoyed working in art and abstract problem solving. She also enjoys nature, philosophy, science, and cooking.   

Kate graduated from Indiana University with a BFA in studio art and a BA in art history and then later received her MFA from Yale University in painting and printmaking. After grad school she choose a different path for an artist looking to earn a living and ended up working for pathology in graphics and IT. She describes first seeing images of cells as like looking at a world made of jewels. The patterns, colorful stains, and relationships between shapes is eye candy for the artistic soul.

Her creative spirit shows in her work: gesture, energy, color and spacial relationships, and always nature.


1989   Yale University School of Art, MFA Painting and Printmaking

1987    Indiana University, BFA Painting and Printmaking

1987    Indiana University BA Art History


 Selected Juried

2015   Art, Emotion & Energy of Color II

2015   Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine, Abstraction   

2014   Design ‘N Gather Finalist, Artaic Mosaics, Boston MA

2014   Degas Pastel Society, 15th Biennial National Exhibition New Orleans LA

2014   Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine, Landscape in Motion, online

2014   G25N Gallery 25N, Water, The Essence of Life; online, Fishkill NY

2014   Natural Abstraction, Easton Public Library Conference Room, Easton CT

2014   Art in the Country, Easton Arts Center, Easton CT

2009   2nd Annual Camera Works Exhibition, Ridgefield Guild of Artists’, Ridgefield CT

2009   Renaissance in Pastel, Connecticut Pastel Society, Waterbury CT

2009   What’s Art got to do with it? Creative arts Workshop, New Haven CT

2009   Cultural Passages, Creative arts Workshop, New Haven CT

2003   SOBrO Invitational, Indianapolis IN

2000   Yale Art Place, New Haven CT

1991   Linden Collective, Columbia SC

Group Shows

2015   18th Annual Member’s Art Show, Easton Arts Council, Easton CT

2014   Franklin Street Works, Collaborative installation for It narrates, Stamford CT

2014   17th Annual Member’s Art Show, Easton Arts Council, Easton CT

2013   City-Wide Open Studios, Armory, New Haven CT

2010   City-Wide Open Studios, Creative Arts, New Haven CT

2009   Creative Arts Student Show

1990   Creative Arts Faculty Show



2015   Art Emotion & Energy of Color II, Honorable Mention

2015   Exhibeo Art Competition Magazine, Honorable Mention

            (see publications)

2014   G25N Gallery 25N, Water, The Essence of Life; Honorable Mention

2014   Artslant 4th Showcase Winner

2014   Art in the Country, Easton Arts Center, Honorable Mention

2014   Artslant 1st Showcase Winner

2013   Artslant 8th Showcase Winner


2009   Connecticut Pastel Society: Franklin Alexander Memorial Award

2003   Broad Ripple Painters Invitational: Creative INsight

1989   Old Holland Classic Oil Color Prize


2015   Kate Henderson : Atmospheric Fluidity, Art Exhibeo Magazine, April 29, 2015. JE Raddatz.

2014   Regenterate: Beautiful Disease, New Haven Arts Council, March 19, 2013. Melanie Borinstein.

2001-2014 Yale Pathology Labs Calendar

Cover Images: Pharmacology Reviews, Pediatric Psychology, Laboratory Investigations, Clinical Reviews, CAP Today.