Doerte Weber

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Newspapers in Transition, 2013 Structural Weaving With Plastic Bags 6 Ft X 2 Ft X 2 Ft © Doerte Weber
Be Aware, 2013 Woven Plastic Tape 144 In X 28 In X 1 In © Doerte Weber
Hold Unto Me - I Come in Many Colors, 2012 Woven Plastic Bags With Cotton Warp 45 In X 28 In © Doerte Weber
West Texas, 2013 Woven With Sticks And Novelty Fibers 48 In X 85 In X 0.5 In © Doerte Weber
I want a Soft Fence, 2012 Woven With Sticks And Nettle Yarn 44 In X 45 In X 2 In © Doerte Weber
Yellow Fellow, 2012 Woven With Various Yarns And Plastic Wrappers 26 In X 48 In X 1 © Ansen Seale
Nature, 2013 Weaving 37 In X 43 In X 0.5 In © Doerte Weber
Skyscraper, 2013 Structural Weaving With Heddles And Novelty Yarns 29 In X 48 In X 0.5 In © Doerte Weber
This and That, 2014 Structural Weaving With Novelty Yarns And Plastic Wrappers From Various Newspapers 4 Ft X 12.5 Ft X 1 In © Doerte Weber
I Belong, 2014 Cotton Warp, Novelty Yarn, Metal Heddles, Harnesses From An Old Loom 22 In X 33 In X 1 In © Doerte Weber
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Lives in
San Antonio TX
structural weaver, Fiber Artist, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, modern

I am a structural weaver using diverse, modern materials with old traditional patterns.
Bast fibers from native agave plants, rusty heddles which couldn’t be used, and plastic bags from our newspapers are materials I use to create my work.
Plastic bags from newspapers symbolize a connection to global events as much as to local happenings in our community. These bags are given to me by a vast network of people of whom I know only a few. Even though the people who will see the installation will never meet the people who provided the materials, they are creating a community. One part would not be possible without the other.
I hope people will connect emotionally to my work and believe in our continued humanity which shows that we have more in common than what separates us.