Laura Paulini

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Hi dear Laura!
Hi. It was a pleasure for me to visit your gallery.I liked your art very much.Please visit my gallery and if you are interested, write your opinion. With regards Armen Daneghyan
Comment by: ARMEN DANEGHYAN on Sunday 04/26/09 at 1:07 AM
Excerpt from Daniel Larkin's Art Cal review of "The One and The Many"
June 2008 - On the Work of Laura Paulini - "Dot by dot, row by row, column by column, Paulini creates geometric Op Art patterns with a pointillist style. From a distance the Tron-like grid is clear but as a viewer approaches the field dissolves into a series of well placed dots. This game of distance and watching the image modulate with each step is one trademark of good pointillism that her works display with flying colors."
Comment by: Laura Paulini on Friday 02/13/09 at 1:42 PM