Angela J. Willcocks

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Gang One, 2015 Oil On Canvas © awillcocks
Lolly Pop Homeless, 2015 Oil On Canvas © awillcocks
Gang Two, 2015 Oil On Canvas 40"X X60" © awillcocks
Gang Three, 2015 Pencil On Paper 60" X 72" © awillcocks
Uncle + boy, 2015 Pencil On Paper 60" X 78" © awillcocks
Sisters, 2015 Pencil On Paper 60" X 66" © awillcocks
Weekend warrior, 2015 Pencil On Paper 60" X 68" © awillcocks
Gang Boy, 2014 Pencil On Paper 24" X 30" © awillcocks
Bagel Boy, 2014 Pencil On Paper 24" X 30" © awillcocks
Gang Boy two, 2015 Watercolor On Paper 12" X 18" © awillcocks
Middle School, 2015 Watercolor On Paper 24" X 30 © awillcocks
Quick Facts
Sydney, Australia
Lives in
Long Beach
Works in
Los Angeles
Grorgia State University, 1997, MFA
Sydney College of the Arts, 1885, BVA
University of California Irvine
animation, painting, drawing, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, digital
Angela Willcocks

My art is based in the fundamentals of drawing,  painting and my daily experiences.  Whether my medium is digital or analog I am exploring the crossover between medium and message.  Each painting is created over many months, the paint is embedded with my emotions with strokes clashing with shapes and colors layered, they seem all over the place, yet offer a sense of unity for my memories.

My recent work is a series of portraits from my local community. As an american immigrant I am interested in the very micro community, those individuals that play a huge role in the local economy and are our cultural essence. Through my art I am exploring the way we judge each other and how that affects our interactions within and between communities. Working with the public, I use my art where the unseen become seen, the haves see the have-nots, the displaced connect with the establishment and the public becomes private. Each project is unique in medium and message different.