Craig Tinsky

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Princess F'n Pearl, 2013 Cut Paper 22 © Craig Tinsky
Snow Day, 2012 Cut Paper. 26" X 36" © Craig Tinsky
Wolfie, 2013 Cut Paper 36" X 46" © Craig Tinsky
James Dean , 2013 Cut Paper 22" X 26" © Craig Tinsky
Transcendent Man , 2013 Cut Paper 22 © Craig Tinsky
Lollipops, 2011 Cut Paper 30" X 30" © Craig Tinsky
Jumping Boy, 2010 Cut Paper 19" X 28" © Craig Tinsky
Quick Facts
Miami, Fl
Birth year
Lives in
Washington, DC
Works in
Washington, DC
Tulane University, 1991, BA
The American University, Washington, DC, 1994
portraiture, portrait, paper, papercut, impressionism, mixed-media, pop, graffiti/street-art

Craig Tinsky is an innovative artist raised in Miami and living in Washington DC. He is best known for pushing the medium of papercut art and and creating works that look like paintings, screen prints, etchings, and photographs. It's hard to innovate in a medium more than 2,000 years old, but Craig's work does just that - fascinating and delighting critics and collectors. In 2011, He first created a Papercut using a method that is similar to pixelation. By cutting choppy, wavy ribbons into a large sheet of paper, he creates portraits so similar to photographs that the viewer can see tiny wrinkles around a subject's eyes, and individuals hairs in a beard. Up close, there seems to be no sharp or even discernible image. As the viewer backs away from a piece, the image appears to get clearer and more detailed. This ribbon-halftone technique may be the first method by which a single-sheet papercut evokes a photograph.

Craig's work has been displayed or collected by DC's National Building Museum, the Maryland campus of the FDA, the world headquarters of Booz Allen Hamilton, the Seattle Monaco Hotel, galleries and collections in Florida, NY, NJ, DC, MD, VA, MA, WA, OR, Germany, Israel, and the UK. Among his private collectors is a Federal Judge and a Tony award winning Broadway producer.

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