Emerson Myers

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#Inches (100 Kilotons)(#Layers)=YIELD, 2014 Iron, Ash And Rust Coating On Wood And Cement Epoxy 434 X 268 X 24cm
Generation Gap, 2013 Oil On Canvas 150cm X 150cm
Destinations, 2014 Oil On Canvas 144" X 68"
Salary Man - Wide Pinstripes - Going to Work, 2013 Etching 18" X 18"
Salary Man Monoprint - Black Pinstripe on Grey, Going to Work, 2013 Etching 18" X 1"
Last Train, 2012 Oil On Canvas 17" X 48"
Commute I, 2012 Oil On Canvas 60" X 60"
Fracture, 2013 Oil And Ink On Canvas 60" X 60"
Fragile, 2013 Oil On Canvas 60" X 60"
Reins of Culture, 2014 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 102" X 40"
Shanty Town, 2013 Oil On Canvas 60" X 60"
Gerrymandering, 2013 Oil On Canvas 47" X 47"
Salary Man Monoprint -White Pinstripe / Going Home, 2013 Etching 18" X 18"
Salary Man Monoprint -White Pinstripe Suit, Striped Shirt / Going to Work, 2013 Etching And Chine Colle 18" X 18"
Gerrymandering, 2013 Lithograph 18" X 18"
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Boston University, 2012, MA Art Education
Lakehead University, 2003, HBA Education
Lakehead University, 2002, BA Poli Sci
MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)

 I would like to reveal. Knowledge elevates. Understanding endures.

I want to draw. Through beauty or eloquence I will bring them in.

I want my work to stay with you. If it haunts you, I have succeeded.

I would like to be concise, clever, and well spoken. The subtle metaphor reaches.

I will be significant. To an audience not always interested, I will persuade.

I would like to confront. If you are the same as when you arrived, I have failed.

I want to climb fences. Speak across generations, personalities, and cultures.

I am an educator. This is my philosophy of education.

I am an artist. This is my artist statement.

Emerson David Myers is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, digital artist, and educator who is currently living in the United States and Japan. He received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Masters of Art Education from Boston University. His work focuses on socio-political issues, revolving around a continued and pressing desire to educate and inform his audience.
Most of his inspiration comes from his varied professional background and education. An degree in Political Science and 20th Century History, a decade as an Art and Social Science teacher, years as a certified carpenter's apprentice, a design manager for a local newspaper, as well as a decade living broad, particularly Japan, has molded his approach to art and choices of subject matter.