Susana Cortez

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PON LOS PIES SOBRE LA TIERRA/ PUT YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND, 2013 Installation 22' X 12" X 16" © Susana Cortez
PON LOS PIES SOBRE LA TIERRA / PUT YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND , 2013 Installation 22' X 12" X 16" © Susana Cortez
PON LOS PIES SOBRE LA TIERRA / PUT YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND , 2013 Installation 22' X 12" X 16" © Susana Cortez
Dirting II, 2012 Dirt Installation 8’ X 10’ X 39’ © Susana Cortez
Dirting II (Detail), 2012 Dirt Installation 8’ X 10’ X 39’ © susana Cortez
Dirting I, 2012 Public Action © Rita York
Hug this Alien , 2012 Public Action /50 Flyers Post All Over Indianapolis, Indiana Using A Picture Of Myself With A Mexican Sombrero Public Action © Susana Cortez
"Rainbow Party Meets the Artist", 2012 Video Performance © Susana Cortez
Inseguridad (Insecurity)”, , 2011 Brown Paper, Red And Black Ink, Expanding Foam, Fabric And Clay Slip 16’X8’X7’ © Susana Cortez
Dedicatoria, Mexico, 2011 (Dedicatory, Mexico, 2011), 2012 Brown Paper, Clay Slip, Red And Black Ink, Expanding Foam, Fabric And Clay Slip, 20’ X 5’ X 2’ © Susana Cortez
HUMAN, 2012 Video Performance © Susana Cortez
Displacement , 2013 Dirt, Rocks, Wood 4’ X 2’ X 4’ © Susana Cortez
Caminos Diferentes / Different Paths , 2013 Social Action In Guanajuato, Mexico. Bought A White Carnation And Walk Around The City Until I Found The First Little Girl Who Was Begging For Money With Her Mom On The Side Of The Street. I Kneed Down And Gave The Flower To The Little Girl And Walked Awa © Susana Cortez
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San Francisco
Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, 2013, MFA
University of Delaware. Newark|DE, 2011, BFA
political/social issues, identity, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, exhibition/performance

My work is a manifestation of emotions concerning personal, social, and political issues that influence the way I perceive life. I manifest my emotions towards these issues in a spontaneous way, through the exploration and interaction with different mediums. I often use temporary materials such as dirt, paper, plaster, and clay slip. These materials assist me in imprinting the work of my hands, the struggle, and the trace of my creative process.


I think of my art as “a total work of art” which I define as the creation of art through informe. This refers to the process without a process, which happens when spontaneity expresses itself and critical thinking blurs. Creating “a total work of art” refers to creation by means of complete intuition; a creation by which I express my feelings without consciously controlling the outcome.  In “a total work of art”, there is more than an object, there is an expression; it is a total manifestation of thoughts and feelings.


My current work reflects my interests in my hometown, my culture, and my roots. I am currently working on a series titled “Caminos Diferentes / Different Paths”, a project that raises awareness about different paths in life, starting with my personal experience but moving towards sharing other people’s experiences. My work has an emphasis on raising awareness on how social stratification dictates how we live and perceive life. Dirt is currently my main medium. Dirt has become a representation of low social economic status.



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