Ian Guper

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Sao Paulo
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Sao Paulo
figurative, mixed-media, landscape, traditional

 After a period of one year studying at the "Byam Shaw school of art" in London I returned to Brazil to work as an assistant for the artist Tomoshige Kusuno and, at the same time, to dedicate myself to the study of painting and drawing by my own account. During this period, I took part, as an assistant, in several works including the production and installation of the mural for the "Opera Rock" store in São Paulo and for the installation and execution of the entrance piece for the exhibition in commemoration of the 100 years of japanese immigration held at the "Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil" also in São Paulo. Through the study of literature and the analyses of the works of artists, the majority of which are from the past, I studied the fundamentals of painting and drawing, with the frequent use of the live model or the still life. This process led me to go to New york where I studied at the "Students League of Artists" for 6 months and where I had the opportunity to work as a monitor for the painter "Leonid Gervits" throughout his one month "figure painting and drawing" class. During this period I applied, with my painting "de Fora da Fila", for the "Centro-Periferia" contest promoted by the italian government, by means of their Ministry of Culture - Federculture. The exhibition was held in Rome, and in june of 2012 I was awarded with the popular jury prize. Recently I participated in the exhibition "Garimpagem", held at the "Galeria de Pintura Brasileira" in São Paulo.