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Academy of Arts in Madrid, Spain, 2013, PhD
Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, 2013, MA
Academy of Arts in Granada, Spain, 2012, MA
dance-of.the-light, dance, light-art, installation, video-art, photography

Ada Kobusiewicz was born in Poland in 1978. In 2004 she moved to Spain where she studied at the University of Granada, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts and in the same time she was student at the Andalusian Institut of Arts where she completed diferent courses related with light design. She finished MA deegre in Art, Research and Production at the Academy of Arts in Granada and Master deegre programme in Light Design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. From January 2013  Kobusiewicz is student of PhD programme in Research in Arts at the Academy of Arts, University of
Castilla la Mancha in Spain.  
Her interests and background revolve mainly around light. For her the space created by light experiments and increases its dimensions by new technologies, improvisation and sometimes through the mishap. She also works with contemporary dance, videoart, installations, multi-disciplinary theatre and other projects in which the light has a leading role.  
Since 2010 she has been developing her work and research on  places of uncertainty, discontinuity of space-time, abandoned spaces, sites of disasters or accidents, industrial buildings and tunnels where the main tool is a movement of body and natural or artificial light.  
She is passionate about research by exploring artistic research and practice. Her PhD project: The dance of the light: tandem light-body in a choreographic art, its focus on new choreographic art in which light gains prominece and the body in movement is one of  the element of visual language.  
She exhibited in Serbia, Austria, Italy, Sweeden, Russia, New York and UK.  
She lives in Spain, Poland and Serbia.