Katy Diamond Hamer

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Quick Facts
New York
Lives in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Fashion Institute of Technology (NY), 1999, BFA
New York University (NYU)
curator, art journalist, journalist, art writer

Trained as an artist, I am currently participating in the art world via the pen, or rather keyboard as an art writer. Commencing with the website, I now contribute to several contemporary art magazines including Flash Art International, Whitehot Magazine, Artvoices Magazine, and others. My approach to art writing is quite organic. I have spent many years of my life looking at art, investigating technique, approach, and the psychology behind the subjective content. As a writer, I try to insert myself into the work. I imagine what the artist might have been thinking when making the piece and if he/she felt that the resulting work is satisfactory to the goal they had when setting out. Certain movements have been very relevant to my writing and taste level, most specifically Arte Povera (Italy, 1962-1972).  

Katy Hamer is currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.