izumi tokuno

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Birth year
Lives in
New York
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New York
Tama Art University, 1990, MA
Representing galleries
Digital Prints, mixed-media, photography, digital

2112 Exhibited Gallery la Maison d'Art,New York

2011 Exhibited Gallery One Twenty Eight, New York

2011 Exhibited "Blue Wave in Winter" at Octagon Gallery, Blue Wave, New York

2009 Exhibited "Blue Wave" at Octagon Gallery, New York

2008-2009 January Exhibited "Blue Print" at the New Haven Free Public Library, Art Gallery, CT

2007-Present Have Exhibited Member Shows at Gallery RIVAA, New York

2007 Online Gallery Exhibited at the Takeya online gallery in Ehime, Japan

2006 Donated Computer graphics large renewed version canvas print works, is in the permanent collection and database museum collection of 1997The National Museum Of Women In The Arts (NMWA), Washington DC, 

2005-2004       Conducted studies for Canon Inc. Japan for Wide-Format Printers

2003        Built an original designed Japanese fire tower, Ehime, Japan

2002        Exhibited at the art celebration for the centenary of the founding of high school , Ehime, Japan

2001        Exhibited at the printings now in Ehime, Japan

2000        Presented a sample of Graphic technology Prepress digital data exchange XYZ/RGB standard colour image data for JSA (Japanese Standards Association)"Fukusuke", Tokyo, Japan

1999        Presented a sample of Graphic technology Prepress digital data exchange XYZ/RGB standard colour image data for JSA "Sports", Tokyo, Japan

Illustrated a collection of essays, "BLUE INSTINCT"

1998        Attended the online event of Cyberstar-Apology, (Germany)

                Exhibited at the Conference of High Resolution Digital Pictures of the World ISO, (England) Work with FujiFilm Japan

1997        Exhibited at the Women Art of Multimedia"WAM", WashingtonDC, USA.

Donated Computer graphics large print works, “The Bill Gates Networks” (#7 & #8). Is in the permanent collection of The National Museum Of Women In The Arts (NMWA), Washington DC, USA.

1996        Exhibited at the Digital Image, Turku Art Society Gallery (Finland).

Exhibited CD-ROM "THE FOOL#0" at the Conference of MILIA (France)

Exhibited CD-ROM "THE FOOL#0" at the Art & Multimedia Session ACM MM '96, Boston, USA.

Donated Computer graphics large print works "networks" (6 pictures) to Saibi High School Matsuyama, Japan.

1995        Published CD-ROM "THE FOOL #0."

Exhibited Solo exhibition at the NEC Digital Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Exhibited at the Internet Web Server Project of NTT Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Exhibited and work with Digital image, Tokyo, Japan

1994    Was a judge at the NEC Personal Computer Art Festival 1994 Art Contest, Tokyo, Japan

             Exhibited at the Digital Image, Turku Art Society Gallery (Finland).

1994   Was a joint member in the International "Renga" Project of the SIGGRAPH 94, USA. The Edge, Art and Design Show(Orlando, Florida) and "Virtual Renga,"Imagina'94( Monte Carlo, Monaco) Renga by Rieko Nakamura and Toshio Anzai

1993   Exhibited at the FOTOFEIS /Scottish International Festival of photograph ISDN (England).

            Was a guest artist and exhibited at the NEC Personal Computer Art Festival 1993, Chiba, Japan

1992   Won a enter prize at the second International Infographic ParisART3000, ISEA (France)

             Exhibited at the Paris de Tokyo (France).

Exhibited at theIMAGINA 92 (France).

Exhibited at the Turku Art Digital Image (Finland).

1991   Exhibited at the Helsinki MUU Media Festival (Finland)

            Exhibited at the High Tech Art 1991, Tokyo, Japan

            Exhibited at the ART/ART 91,Tokyo, Japan

1989   Won the grand prize at IMAGIN TOKYO 89, Tokyo, Japan

             Won a prize at PIXCEL CG Grand Prize, Tokyo, Japan

1988   Won a prize at Japan Graphic Contest ,Tokyo, Japan
           selected and exhibited at FISEA/SCCA (Holland)

1987   Won a prize at OMNI Art Contest, Tokyo, Japan


1991 to 2002           Judging duties at the Fujicopian New Year Cards Contest, Tokyo ,Osaka, Japan. 

1996 to 2003           Lectures at the Joshi Eiyo University,Health Information Science, Tokyo, Japan.
was invited by Ms. MUTO Shimako, Ph.D., Professor

1997                        Lectured at the NTT Human Interface Laboratory, Cyber Studio, Yokosuka, Japan.

1996, 1997              Lectured at the Tokyo institute of Polytechnics the Department of Media Art, Tokyo, Japan,

                                Was invited by Ms. Machiko Kusahara, Ph.D.,        

1996, 1997            Lectured at Toei Animation Institute, a school of animation, Tokyo, Japan. 



Design cover illustrations:

Hard book cover     Over 50 books done in collaboration with cover design Mr. Kawakami including "Heiseiishin," "Ambition of Bill Gates," "Internet Galaxy," and  "UFO" series.

Textbook cover       NHK high school course (each 19 subjects, 1991,1992,1993).

Magazine cover       Over 30 magazines cover illustrations; game magazines,

"Net-Pia"(Gakken), Mega-Drive (Tokuma), "FM-Ehime" timetable (FM Ehime), “FM Station”(Diamond pub.), “Monthly of Mazda” (Mazda, 1989,1990,1991,1992,1993), "Skier"(Yama to keikoku), "Canon Pixel" (Canon), "Cyclesports"(Yaesu pub.) etc.

Illustrations for Magazines: “Driver,” “Motor Cyclist,” “Cycle Sports” (Yaesu pub.), “Nonno,” “cosmopolitan,” (Shueisha), “An-an,” “Hanako” (Magazine house) etc.


Software : Clip arts and sample graphic for PC graphic paint software

“Z's staff98,” “Kid98” series, and “68k-pro” series (Zeit)

"AQUA ZONE"(OPeNBooK9003 inc)Fish Aquarium Screensavers

Display:    NEC show-stopper for office Computer 5200 series, OP-98 series, 1992 version, and Windows-NT, 1993 version (NEC) (Unizon)

Ski board designs: All models in ‘94 season of “Spalding” Ski ,and ’95 season of “Erbacher” Ski, (FCO Victoria, Japan)

Strap designs:  1998 Watch-size Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) “Prizum” original design produced for 1998 NAOC (Nagano Winter Olympic Games) for NTT special version of PHS (Personal Handy-phone System), NTT, Japan

Other: Tissue paper box (Honda); musical record, CD covers (e.g., “the collectors”, Teichiku Rec.,Japan), screen kiosk (Mazda), digital clock design (Fukutake Pub., Japan) groupware “Lanworld” icon design (Lanworld , Japan) Web animation, caractors Flash (nihon-ajent, Japan). Monument Design Fire tower