Tania Sen

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Eye for an Eye ©
Alright Ma!, 2017 Mixed Media On Canvas 36x36 Inches ©
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Kolkata, India
figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual, photography, digital

April 21st  - June 16th at Straube Art Center, NJ

Eye for an Eye - a derivative of just punishment in the Old Testament more popularly known by its modification in the saying of Gandhi, 'Eye for an Eye leaves the Whole World Blind'. These enlarged eyes belong to animals, wild and domestic signifying the redundancy of such a saying in the animal kingdom that is devoid of such vengeance despite their predatory nature, reinforcing empathy and acceptance.  This show focuses on perception.  Comprising mostly of larger than life renditions of animal eyes suggesting that irrespective of sight, "perception" largely exists in the human domain.  Color Vision rendered using Ishahara dot pattern designed for the color blind brings focus on the basic urges to be seen and accepted.  Alright Ma, Look Fizzy & Hide in Plain Sight are reminders of modes of perception through filters and preconceptions.  



2017 and Upcoming

April                  "Eye for an Eye", Solo show at Straube Art Center, NJ

January             "Visions 2017: Food for Thought" Darrell E. Sechrest Art Gallery, NC

May                  " Please Don't Burst My Bubble?!" Solo at Contemporary Art Museum of South Korea

2016 Exhibition List:

October           "Enjoy/Endure" the city and its people, curated by Corina Apostle
                          Open Door Festival at Gallery Aferro, NJ

August:           "Second Language", curated by Dr. Susan Isaacs 
                          @ Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia   

July,                "Love Is..." at Alfa Art Gallery, NJ

May,                "Words + Text + Numbers" @ St. Louis Artists' Guild, curator: Joel Ross

March,              Hillyer Art Space, DC, "Typecast", curator: Javis DuBoise

“More of the same” – always a safe bet – familiar and predictable. So deep is the dependence on the “familiar and safe”, that the choice by default is always that which has been previously experienced – “true and tried” – a popular justifications! The consciousness however is forever expanding and morphing…it seeks new insights and new ways of being…even though the love of “typecast” makes one conform to accepted codes of decorum for fear of rejection. Need for validation curbs the capacity to love the self and others.                            

Feb., 2016        Augusta Savage Gallery, “ I Breathe With You”, MA

Color Vision
Lately there has been much senseless bloodshed over an age old prejudice that simply won’t go away.  “I can’t breathe” were the last words of Eric Garner when put in chokehold by NYPD.  Cops across the country are being shot down randomly.  Time to address the prejudice and recognize that the color of blood is always red. Color Vision is a group of 4 canvases.  Each rendered in Ishihara vision chart style inscribed with words that every person feels and can identify with.  “I have a Dream” consists of two dream catchers, each with a diagram of a cross section of a blood cell.

2015 and Upcoming

Dec., 2015        Torpedo Art Factory, Printed Matter

Flight of the Unicorn

Nov., 2015        Royal Scottish Academy, UK

Primal Colors: performance art digital photo and animation

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