Nadiya Tokarska

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Burlington Gardens, London, 2012 Oil On Canvas 110cm X 70cm © N Tokarska
Bloomfield Street, London, 2010 Oil On Canvas 150 Cm X 120 Cm © N Tokarska
Four stages of consciosness, 2010 Oil On Canvas 130 Cm X 180 Cm © N Tokarska
Ludgate Hill, London, 2012 Oil On Canvas 70cm X 110cm © N Tokarska
Finsbury Circus, London, 2011 Oil On Canvas 140x90 Cm © Tokarska Gallery
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Lviv, Ukraine
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Middlesex University London, 2010, BA Fine Art
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architecture, Building, cityscape, London, modern, exhibition/performance
Nadiya Tokarska Cityscapes
The style of Nadiya’s paintings can easily be recognised by its sheer elegance, incredible attention to detail and unmasked beauty of composition derived from most uncomplicated of the settings. Through instinctively selected colour palette Nadiya’s paintings exude lively portrayals of the life’s understated events. The artist’s choice of subject matter for the cityscapes is consequential to her interpretation of the city visual attraction, its individuality and uniqueness. In her works, Nadiya sees London as a soulful essence that takes on different dimensions and identities, delivered through a subtle balance of intensity, vibrancy and dynamics of the images.

More than often this vision of city expression as a being encompasses structures, humans, vehicles and other creations that collectively make an uncensored depiction of daily life in the city. Capturing energy of this collective formation serves as a great source of challenge and fascination for the Artist.

The Artist’s philosophical approach to presenting the collective image on canvas takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. By attempting to marry the physical objects with emotional circumstances of the composition at the level of tangible reality, the Artist identified her own style, namely through presenting part of the image at the level of intangible energy field. It is this energy that connects everything and brings equality to the source of existence that is not distorted through the prism of volume or magnitude. According to the Artist, finding the way to capture this energy is as fascinating as complex and provides finest potential for new directions and breakthroughs.


Nadiya Pavliv-Tokarska lives and works in London, UK



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