Agne Skaringa

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Morning Greeting, 2011 Oil On Canvas 48'' X 48''
The Dreamer 48'' X 48''
Let it Go Oil On Canvas 60'' X60''
Quick Facts
Kaunas Art Gymnasium
Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts
Cinema Make-Up School

Artist Biography

When Agne started go to elementary school, her parents already noticed that she loves to draw and paint. Agne joined 4 art classes in Anthony Martinaitis Art School and was the best of the students. Young girl participated in couple group exhibitions. She was so passionate about art that after graduation she decided to join Art Gymnasium which even was not close to her home. Agne’s favorite classes were painting and drawing. Since her dad and mom have been architects their influence felt on Agne to study architecture. She enjoyed her time through studentship and she always had been painting oil on canvas during her free time. On one occasion Agne took her art work and flew to Great Britain to meet with an art critic Stella Sancaterina. Stella gave her an honest feedback of her paintings and she said that Agne comprehends the use of colors. Agne has studied with many wonderful artists, including Vilija Maciulyte, Gintautas Vaicys, Gediminas Zuklys, and Gintaras Zubrys. During her last studying years she participated with her art work in “Gallery Academy” where she received great feedbacks. Her final graduation project was- “Artist Colony in Nida”. Next day, right after graduation she left Lithuania to Los Angeles.
Since her arrival to Los Angeles she has been painting oil on canvas and participating in art exhibitions.
Upcoming exhibitions: August 14, Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center


Artist Statement

Throw painting I convey my thoughts and feelings about harmony of life, relaxation, spiritual feeling, connection with universe and inner growth. I'm inspired by things I've experienced first-hand like old films, my own dreams, psychology, beauty of world and love which brings us in one beautiful being. I aspire that the viewer of my art works would find aspiration about his life path, harmony and inspirational guidance.
My art work is figurative and symbolic with a painterly vibe.
I found the best way to express myself by painting women. For me woman is like a book which one you can interpreter your own way.
I tried a lot of materials for art creation during my studying years. I chose oil colors, because it gave me possibility to easily express myself through big variety of vibrant colors and color hues.
I have been painting with oil for 8 years. In my first art work I painted women and pigs. However, I decided to explore woman and keep my focus on them. The inspiration to paint women came from mom, because after sketching her for the first time I felt how vivid and interesting person she actually is.
Women are abundant of secrets. In my art every woman that I paint brings a different meaningful message for me and for a viewer. The woman I paint is always self confident, rich inside and connected to the universe.
It is been two years since I moved to United States. In this interesting society I find such an amazing cultural mix. In this country most of the women I have met, I noticed how strong and confident persons they are. My goal is to find the uniqueness of every race and completely understand women. For me painting is an opportunity to explore environmental issues, beauty and inner feeling being as a woman.
Artist like Kevin Beilfuss, Gustavo Klimt, Edmond Dulac, Alphonse Mucha, Henride Toulouse-Lotrec or Claude Monet has a strong impact on me.
I have always been satisfied creating an art that has a meaning beneath its aesthetic appeal. My paintings have the visceral quality of memories or dreams, when the image is reduced to the essential. My paintings are rich in color and very strong in composition.
For my art work I use very high quality oil paints as “Blick Artist Oil Color” and “Lefranc & Bourgeois”. I love to paint on big sizes canvas. It gives me the freedom of movement and expression.

Whatever I do, I always do it from my heart,