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Common Threads I Mixed Media 30 © 2013 All rights reserved
Blue Notes Soliloquy Mixed Media 36" X 53" © Weiner-Reed, (c)2013 All rights reserved
Sands of Time Mixed Media 26" X 40" © Weiner-Reed, (c)2013 All rights reserved
Renaissance Mixed Media 24 © Weiner-Reed, (c)2013 All rights reserved
Fabric of Time Mixed Media 24" X 52" © Weiner-Reed, (c)2013 All rights reserved
Ties That Bind III Mixed Media 30" X 22" © Weiner-Reed, (c)2013 All rights reserved
Jazz Trills and the Dance Mixed Media 24 X 30 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Night at the Improv Mixed Media 24 X 30 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Red, Black, and Blond Mixed Media 41 X 61 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Night Watch Mixed Media 24 X 30 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Static Electricity Acrylic 18 X 20 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Blue Notes Rhapsody Mixed Media 36 X 26 Inches © 2013 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Group Dynamics, 2014 Mixed Media 35 X 53 Inches © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Self Portrait XIII Acrylic 11 X 15 Inches © 2009 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Truth Hangs in the Balance Mixed Media 22 X 30 Inches © 2013 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Unraveling Mysteries Mixed Media 35"W X 58" H © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed
The Theory of Relativity Acrylic 36" X 24" © © Elaine Weiner-Reed
Mirror, Mirror , 2015 Acrylic 36" X 24" © © Elaine Weiner-Reed
Vision Quest V, 2016 Acrylic 30" X 36" © Elaine Weiner-Reed
Transcendence Mixed Media 36" H X 24" W © © Elaine Weiner-Reed
The Sum of Her Parts, 2015 Mixed Media 30" X 22" © © Elaine Weiner-Reed
The Intimate Betrayal (La Trahison Amicale), 2015 Mixed Media 33" X 50" © Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Collisions in Time , 2015 Acrylic 52" X 34" © Elaine Weiner-Reed
Once Upon an Allegory , 2015 Mixed Media 24" X 36" © 2015 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Doors and Secrets, 2015 Mixed Media 24" X 36" © 2015 Elaine Weiner-Reed
Let's Keep on Dancing, 2015 Acrylic Over Oils 24 H X 20 W Inches © yes
Mirror's Edge, 2015 Acrylic 8 H X 12 W Inches © yes
Dialogue with a Muse, 2016 Mixed Media 23 In H X 20 In W © 2016 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Joined by the Heart, 2016 Acrylic 33 In H X 27 In W © 2016 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Secrets of the Heart, 2016 Mixed Media 33 In H X 25 In W © 2016 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Primal Scream, 2014 Mixed Media 36" H X 24" W © 2014 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Enigme (Bastille Day 2016, Nice), 2017 Acrylic, Latex, Plaster 60" X 48" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
A Walk in the Park, 2017 Acrylic 30" X 40" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Sticks and Stones, 2017 Acrylic, Mixed Media 24" X 36" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Vision Quest, 2017 Acrylic 24" X 36" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Ashes to Ashes, 2017 Acrylic 24" X 36" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Chance Encounters, 2017 Acrylic 24" X 36" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Wakan, 2017 Acrylic 24" X 36" © 2017 Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)
Les Retrouvailles, 2014 Acrylic, Mixed Media 19" W X 42" H © yes
Recalibrating Destiny, 2015 Acrylic, Mixed Media 25" W X 30" H © 2015
Spectral Lines Acrylic 15" W X 24" H © 2014
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abstract expressionism, colorist, creative, raw edges, imagination, 2-dimensional, 3-Dimensional, expressive, intuition, intuitive, automatisme, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, conceptual, landscape, modern

Elaine Weiner-Reed (EWR)


Intuition. Intellectual Curiosity. Imagination.

        …with a healthy disregard for artistic convention.


Pushes 2-D into 3-D
Art business: Creative License

Exhibited in: USA, China, India, Hong Kong, Spain, Poland, Africa, France, and Italy

Languages: English, French

    Elaine Weiner-Reed explores the intersection between intuition and conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious thought, integrating ideas and dream moods and fragments in her work. Lucid dreaming, day-dreaming, and stream-of-consciousness often play key roles in her body of work. She takes insomnia and life's adventure where it leads her. Weiner-Reed carries music in her mind and soul...especially jazz. Life and visual experiences, relationships, and creative works like "L'Alchimiste" by Paulo Coelho touch, inspire, and influence her.

In her own words…

     "My art focuses on unraveling the complexity and mystery of human emotion, behavior, and relationships, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Layers of color, shape, texture, and line palpitate with energy to convey a mood: intimacy, loneliness, alienation, joy, solidarity, sensuality, conflict, harmony, or mystery.  Depending on the story, I zoom in on an individual, defining their character in layers, or I depict them only as silhouettes or after-thoughts. Are they center stage or out of focus? Do they wear a mask…?  Each painting is wrenched from personal experience, influenced by dreams, and infused with thought and emotion."




   Elaine Weiner-Reed is an award-winning, internationally known Visual Artist. Bilingual in French (M.A. from Middlebury University, VT; B.A and B.S. from West Chester State College (University), PA; minored in Sculpture), Weiner-Reed currently resides in Maryland, where she has lived and worked for over 37 years as a professional artist and writer. She engages as a creative mentor and research associate with professionals at Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence. Her mind and heart are always fully engaged, and her art and life has been and always will be steeped in meaning and filled with purpose, creativity, hope, gratitude, insight, intuition, and sincerity. Known for her Uncommon Vision and often referred to as an Abstract Expressionist Artist and “painter of people,” Weiner-Reed finds inspiration in life, nature, and everyday encounters and relationships.


Weiner-Reed uses line, color, and layers to create iconic or allegorical reflections of relationship complexities, dimensions, and inter-dependencies to resurrect feelings of transcendence, mystery, and hope.  A visit to her studio will reveal that she works on several paintings simultaneously – both for practical and philosophical reasons. Doing so allows her to problem-solve, invent, and explore multiple creative threads, and it also allows her paintings time to mature, cure, or dry. The search for originality and a distinctive identity sharpened Weiner-Reed’s mind, honed her innate inquisitiveness, and forged an intuitive soul that fiercely guarded and nourished her art. Weiner-Reed believes that each artwork has its own story to tell and reflects the personal vision, emotions, history, and culture of its creator.


Weiner-Reed’s work has been included in international exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, India, Spain, France, Poland, Canada, and at least 25 national exhibits across the U.S. – to include three solo/featured and two other group shows in Chelsea (NYC).  Her art is in public and private collections in Poland, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Africa, and the U.S.  Weiner-Reed was one of five American artists in the first U.S. contingent to be personally invited to participate in the 17th annual Poland Ministry of Culture- and EU-sponsored Artist Residency Program (Warsztaty Artystyczne– Towarzystwo, 17th WMA). She returned in July 2017 to the MWAXX Jubilee “Building Bridges”—where she participated in painting public murals on a bridge underpass in Myslenice. Her art has been reviewed or featured in The Dobra Polska Szkola, Studio&Gallery Magazine, The Palette Magazine, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Capital Gazette, Attractions Magazine, The Columbia Flyer, The Alexandria Port Gazette, Spain’s, and France’s, and more.



Artist Statement


     Paths intersect.  Lives are impacted.  Identities evolve.  Everything happens for a reason.


“To move forward, we have to understand and know

where we came from

and how we got to any given place in time.

Everything is connected…”

       Elaine Weiner-Reed’s art focuses on examining and unraveling the complexity and mystery of human relationships, emotions, and behavior, featuring the individual within or outside of a group dynamic. Are the figures center stage or out of focus? Do they wear a mask? How do they relate to others within the scene? Are they close or connected? Hidden or shielded? In your face or turned away…?

      In Elaine Weiner-Reed’s paintings, layers of color, shape, and her unique calligraphic line palpitate boldly with charged energy or serenely with subtle undertones to weave a story that intrigues, sparks the imagination, and conveys a mood or atmosphere. What is the story and is there more than meets the eye? How does it make you feel? Does a work express intimacy, loneliness, grief, agony, alienation, joy, solidarity, sensuality, conflict, harmony, or mystery?  Weiner-Reed explores life and documents her journey in her work, zooming in on an individual, defining their personality or psyche in layers. Depending on the storyline, she depicts them with a defined character or as a mysterious silhouette or after-thought...


     Each painting is infused with emotion and wrenched from personal experience and deep reflection. Some are also influenced by dreams and desires and an innate curiosity.  Each tells its own unique story and is part of an evolving series. Weiner-Reed believes we are all products of our personal histories, and in her work, she connects her present to the ancestral voices and timeless whispers of the past.


     Since 2012, the Artist has been exploring “Identity” and what she defines as the Morphology of Self.  What makes someone who they are? What traits determine one’s identity…? What forks in the road led us to where we are today?


     Elaine Weiner-Reed’s September 2017 solo exhibition “Masks and Mirrors” is a window into her intellectual and creative journey and an invitation to reflect, explore, and dialogue with her and as your own life journey continues to unfold. 


CV (abridged)

Formal Education


  • Professional Certification, IT and Telecommunications; Johns Hopkins University, School of Business and Professional Studies; Baltimore, MD (2002)
  • M.A. – French Language and Literature; Middlebury University; Middlebury, VT (1989)
  • B.A. – French Language and Literature (Minor in Sculpture), West Chester University, PA (1978). Junior Year Abroad (1976-1977 School Year): Université Paul Valéry, Montpelier, France
  • B.S. – French K-12 Education, West Chester University, PA (1979)





  • International Artist Residency, Myslenice, Poland (July 2017): Selectee/Participant in the Poland Ministry of Culture and European Union-sponsored and funded Warsztaty Artystyczne (WMAXX Jubilee, 20th Annual) – Towarzystwo.
  • International Artist Residency, Myslenice, Poland (July 2014): Selectee/Participant in the Poland Ministry of Culture and European Union-sponsored and funded Warsztaty Artystyczne (WMA, 17th Annual) – Towarzystwo. By-name invitation; one of five American artists in first American group ever invited.
  • January 2014-2017: Claremont, California: Katherine Chang Liu (Independent Master Workshop)
  • July 2008-2012: Pemaquid, Maine Residency: William “Skip” Lawrence (Master Painter)





  • Museum/Opera Collection, AIAIP (Associazione Internazional Arte Plastiche Italia), Torento, Italy: “Mirror’s Edge” (painting)
  • Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas/Art Museum, MGLV (formerly Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, SNMFA), Permanent Collection (Gallery 10): “Primal Scream” (painting)
  • Myslenice, Poland – Myslenice Cultural Center Permanent Collection: “Unconditional Love” and “Heartsong” (stone sculptures)
  • Myslenice, Poland – Private collections (eight original paintings)
  • Private collections in: France, Poland, Spain, and at least 12 states in the U.S.


Professional Qualifications

  • Juror and Awards Judge: UMMC Healing Arts Annual Exhibition, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore (October 2017, October 2016; October 2015)
  • Juror and Awards Judge:  Baltimore Watercolor Society’s “Boston Properties Exhibit” (Honorarium; February 2006)
  • Guest Lecturer: Howard County Community College Art Department, “Modern Art” Classes (Honorarium; Twice yearly, 2007-2009.)
  • Signature Artist: Georgia Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society (Life Member), Potomac Valley Watercolorists. Member, International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)







  • Holly Gallery, MD Federation of Art– Solo Exhibition “Masks and Mirrors” (Sept 2017)
  • Bernice Kish Gallery: Columbia, MD – Solo Exhibition “Revealing Layers” (May-June 2016)
  • NYC - New Century Artists Gallery - Chelsea. Featured Artist in three of five International group shows; Curator: Basha Maryanska
  • Featured Artist - “Memories” (October 2014) 
  • Featured Artist - “Awakening” (January 2014)
  • Featured Artist - "UP-SURD" (June 2013)
  • Jordan Faye Contemporary Gallery: Baltimore, MD “Thrive Inaugural” (Nov.2014)
  • Circle Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art: “Mélange II” Annapolis, MD (2013)
  •  West Annapolis ArtWorks: Featured Artist “On the Map” Annapolis, MD (Summer 2013)
  • Slayton House Gallery (Two-person show): “Art On the Edge” Columbia, MD (2008)
  •  Whitehall Gallery (Three-person invitational): “Color and Soul” Annapolis, MD (1998)
  •  Quiet Waters Park, Gallery Two (Solo Exhibition): “Expressions” (1996)



 International Group Exhibitions


  • Human Rights?Diversity  Exhibition – AIAIP (Associazione Internazional Arte Plastiche Italia), the Italian National Committee of IAA/IAIP UNESCO Official Partner: UN Day of Peace and UNESCO-Designated Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development; “Mirror’s Edge,” Torento, Italy; Curator Roberto Ronca (21 May – 21 September 2016). [One of 141 artists juried into the exhibit from 34 countries.]
  • International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) 7th Annual Open Online Exhibition: “An Intimate Betrayal.” Juror: Stephen Quiller (2016)
  • Carrousel du Louvre 2015 : Saphira&Ventura Gallery, Paris, France ; Manhattan, NYC.
  • International Masters Exhibition 2015: Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas; “Primal Scream;” International Curator Despina Turnberg (April – July 2015)
  • 38th Annual “Art on Paper” – Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis; “Common Threads I” Juror: Michael O’Sullivan (April – May 2015)
  • Artist Post-Residency Exhibition: Center for Art and Culture, Myslenice, Poland; “Who Am I” One sculpture, four paintings on exhibit (July-Sept.2014)
  • Red Dot Miami - Studio 26 Gallery, New York City (Dec.2014). Marina Reiter, Director
  • Asian Contemporary Art Show (ACAS) Hong Kong.  Studio 26 Gallery, New York City (May 2014). Marina Reiter, Director
  • Espacio 120 – Salon del Arte, Primavera 2014: Galería ARAGÓN 232-Sponsored. Barcelona, Spain (May 2014)
  • Five International Exhibitions: New Century Artists Gallery - New York City (Chelsea). Curator: Basha Maryanska. Featured Artist Exhibits: “Memories” - October 2014, “Awakening” - January 2014, and "UP-SURD" - June 2013. Group Exhibits: "Highline Art" - March 2014, and “Dreams” - January 2015.
  • PARALLAX AF Miami: Miami, FL (December 2012)
  • D.C. International Artists Support Group: “Contemplation” selected for traveling exhibitions: New Delhi, Beijing, and Washington D.C.  (2002).
  • Pikes Peak International Watermedia XV Exhibit, “Provence Nights;” Juror Frank Webb.
  • Abend Gallery, Denver: All-Media National Exhibition. "Time Alone” and “Lady in Waiting” (July-August 1998).
  • Sacramento, CA. Art Center International Juried Exhibit Magnum Opus XI.
  • “Southwest Perspective” (July 1998).



  • Baltimore Watercolor Society’s 123rd Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition, “Provence Nights;” Juror: William Lawrence; BWS Award of Merit (2007).
  • Georgia Watercolor Society’s XXVIII National Juried Exhibition, “Through Time” Juror: William Lawrence; GWS Award, Fourth Place (2007).
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society’s 59th Annual Juried International Exhibition Aqueous Open 2005; Juror: Miles Batt; Sulkolsky Brunnelle Award of Merit (2007).
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society’s 122nd Mid-Atlantic Regional Exhibition, “Provence Nights”; Juror: Tony van Hasselt; BWS Award of Merit (2005).
  • Art Association of Harrisburg’s 75th Annual International Juried Exhibition: 
  • First Place Award, Watercolor Category for: “Café Glimpses: Lady in a Blue Dress.” Also in show: “Café Glimpses: Lady in a Green Dress.”  Juror: Yvette Lee, Whitney Museum of American Art (2003).
  • Arizona Aqueous National Juried 54th: “Cafe Glimpses: Lady in a Green Dress” Juror: Christopher Schink.  Award: Honorable Mention (2000). 
  • Georgia Watercolor Society National Juried: “Mind’s Eye” Juror: Dominic DiStephano. GWS Art Materials Award (2000). 
  • Pittsburgh Watercolor Society National Juried: “Cafe Glimpses: Lady in a Blue Dress” Juror:  William “Skip” Lawrence. PWS Award of Merit (2000). 
  • Baltimore Watercolor Society Exhibit: Honorable Mention: “Colorful Journey” Rockville, MD (1998).
  • Kentucky Watercolor Society’s Annual National Exhibition. Three Merit and Merchandise Prizes Awarded: “Ideas are Born" (1998).


National Juried


  • “Strokes of Genius” – Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis; National Juried Fine Arts Exhibit. Juror: Kim Lordier (2014).  
  • National Juried Exhibition @ BAU Gallery, Beacon, NY; “Apocalypse” (2012).
  • Watercolor Society of Alabama’s 66th Annual National Juried Exhibition, “Convergence” Juror: Cheng-Khee Chee (2007).
  • Art League of Hilton Head’s National Juried Exhibition, “Smoke and Mirrors.” Juror: Dean Mitchell (2007).
  • Georgia Watercolor Society’s XXVI Annual National Exhibition; Juror: Tony van Hasselt, AWS (2007).
  •’s 2nd Quarter 2002 Watercolor Exhibition: One of 200 artists selected from over 10,000 artists worldwide for feature exposure.



  • ArtQuench Magazine: “Best International Creatives” 2016 for painting “Joined by the Heart” (online and hard copy).
  • International Contemporary Masters: World Wide Art Books, Volume VIII, 2013.
  • The Palette Magazine: Featured Artist. Issue 21; Mar-April 2007.
  • New Art International 2005-2006 Edition, Book Art Press.
  • The Palette Magazine: Featured Artist - A Change in Direction - Issue 13; Mar-Apr 2005.
  • Nominated as one of 50 Artists selected from thousands nationwide for nomination to be considered for Watercolor Magic’s “Up & Comers 2005” feature.
  • Rockport Publisher’s “Best in Watercolor: Painting Color” - November 1997. Award of Distinction for “Awakening.” Juried by two of the Nations’ most prominent Watercolorists, selected and published artwork described as “the best in contemporary watercolor art.”


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