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Inventory 3 (detail), 2014 Drypoint On Prospect And Ink © creative commons
inventory 3 (deatil 2)
Inventory 2 (detail), 2013 Drypoint On Prospect Variable Dimensions © creative commons
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I am the result of an immigrant family. I have heard stories about relatives I've never known. I have shaped my identity from stories I've never lived. My artistic practice allows me to get closer to my roots, to wonder about the role that a Uruguayan and Jewish woman artist must hold nowadays. 

Through my works, I wonder: could we not consider memory and fiction as two sides of the same coin? Combining traditional forms and techniques (etching) with new media (installation), I try to materialize my point of view about the learning process of both personal and collective history. Indeed, I believe that history is not linear, that it’s made of the simultaneous superposition of different periods, that it’s a spiral constantly changing. 

Retouched photographs, drypoint engraving, words scrawled on a dilapidated wall, songs of my childhood ... all these elements still resonate in my creations. I consider my practice as a constant and necessary inquiry which, through its metaphorical and formal aspect, raises questions and talk about History.

Born in 1990 at Montevideo (Uruguay), Elián Stolarsky is a visual artist, an illustrator, a stage designer and a computer graphics artist. While studying fine arts at the Republic’s University in Montevideo, Elián Stolarsky was taught by well-known Uruguayan artists as Fermin Hontou, Rimer Cardillo, Claudio Anselmi, Edgardo Flores and Carlos Musso. In 2013, Elián Stolarsky collaborates as a computer graphics artist to the first feature film from the Uruguayan filmmaker Alfredo Soderguit, an animated film entitled "Anina". Alongside, Elián Stolarsky develops her own artistic process: from photographic archives, she realizes frescoes and installations made up by drypoint engravings on Plexiglas that show an undeniable technical mastery and a taste for narrative layout.

Numerous awards punctuate her career: like the one of Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium), the Salto Biennial of 2013 (Uruguay), the FEFCA 2012. Her works has been exhibited in Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Germany and France. Many of her creations now belong to private and public collections. 

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