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Puente de la Memoria -written in the water, May 2013 Brasilia
Puente de la Memoria- Braslia, May 2013 Brasilia
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Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires
post graduate art IUNA, 2013
art memorials, art and human rights, art and memory, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, installation, video-art, conceptual, photography, digital, graffiti/street-art, exhibition/performance
Viviana Ponieman

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Visual artist Art critic- TELAM columnist Ponieman Viviana is a renowned artist, which has become a benchmark in the link between art and memory. Studied with great teachers in Buenos Aires and since 1996 has been developing the project “Bridge of Memory”.She teaches art and is a columnist Telam agency, has exhibited in major concert halls and museums Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, United States and Spain. Last year he won the First Prize in International Biennial Installation contemporary art Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. With this new artistic intervention, “Written in water-BRIDGE MEMORY-Brasilia 2013″, in this case with a monumentality in the design according to the architecture of Brasilia, Ponieman continues the path taken last year at the National Art Museum of La Paz, Bolivia and the Museum of Memory in Montevideo , and in the ECUNHI-ex Esma memory museum in Buenos Aires. In the belief that art and memory cross all borders, began that course, taking amid Argentina’s 2001 crisis, the paintings of the “Bridge of memory (Remembrance)” to Barcelona and in 2004 in New York exhibited “bridge memory to shopping/stroller dreams.



My art work and The “The Memory bridge” project developed since 1996, is renowned and become has become a benchmark in the link between art and memory. Puente de la Memoria/ A memory bridge ARTE-CUERPO Y MEMORIA Art-Body and Memory My art work to build a bridge of memory, to illuminate the present. Mirrow of soul, mirrow of the time. The landscape like a witness, like the memory territory , With my tools, the drawings, my paintings, the photos, and the poetry, living together in my instalations. The words like a testimony, my voice coming from the south, from the “Río de la Plata",from Argentina. The memory is like the blood of the time, and we are looking for the DNA of the broken dreams. A map of images, places and sounds, form the pass emerging into the present. The landscape, like a body with the wounds tatoo.