William Dolan

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Hang On, 2013 Oil On Canvas 22"X16" © W. Dolan
Alley Study 36 with L Tracks, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7"
Alley Study 35 with L Tracks, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7" © W. Dolan
On the Edge, 2013 Oil On Canvas 22"X13" © W. Dolan
Alley Study 34 with Ballpark, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7" © W. Dolan
Alley Study 34 with Norton, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7" © W. Dolan
Overhang, 2013 Oil On Canvas 22"X16" © W. Dolan
Alley Study 32 with Cars, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7" © W. Dolan
Alley Study 28 with North Shore Line, 2013 Digital Markers 11"X7" © W. Dolan
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Joliet, IL
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DePaul University, 1984, BA
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1986
urban, cityscapes, chicago, night, traditional, digital


William Dolan explores the relationship of society to the urban realm through an
interpretation of the built environment.  Focusing on ignored, outdated and well-worn bits of the city; the infrastructure that is left behind, as humans reshape their surroundings to support an increasingly homogeneous existence.

These often-overlooked places are reflective of those that create and use them.  Some of it will survive as an indication of what happened around the turn of the 21st. Century.  Much of it will disappear.  It is this simultaneous ambivalence and reverence that people have toward their habitat that Dolan expresses through his work.

The American city is ever-changing.  As cultures continue to be economically and socially mobile, they are also physically on the move; one group leaves, another takes it’s place.  Possibly, the constantly changing city is the most visible evidence of a society’s evolution. 

William Dolan’s paintings have been in group and solo exhibitions at several galleries and institutions, including Art Chicago;
Gallicurcci, Evanston, Illinois; DePaul University, Chicago; MortonCollege, Cicero, Illinois; The Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Munster, Indiana; and a public art commission for the City of Chicago.

Dolan received a Grammy Award Nomination for the album cover art for
“The Road to Bliss” by Cathy Richardson.


2009, Solo Exhibition, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago

2008, Art Chicago

2007, Art Chicago

2006, Solo Exhibition, DePaul University, Chicago

2003, Morgan Park Art Center, Chicago

2002, Under Contract: Artists Look at Chicago Real Estate, Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago

2000, Solo Exhibition, Chicago Public Library

  • 1999-2000, Gallery artist, Raw Art Gallery, Chicago

1999, Rogers Park Artists (shown in conjunction with David Mamet's The Old Neighborhood), North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, IL

  • 1995-1996, Gallery Artist, Gallicurcci Original Works, Evanston, IL

1993, World Tattoo Gallery, Chicago

1992, The Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Munster, Indiana

1990, Evanston & Vicinity, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL

1989, Akrasia Gallery, Chicago

  • 1989, Solo Exhibition, Morton College, Cicero, IL
  • 1989, Artbenches, public art installation, Navy Pier, Chicago

1988, Modern Love, ARC Gallery, Chicago, Nicole Hollander, curator

Alley Studies: A Trip Through Chicago's Other Street Grid, Neoteric Art 2012

Co-founder and contributor to NeotericArt.

46th Annual Grammy Nomination for Best Recording Package, The Road to Bliss, Cathy Richardson Band

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