Richard Stone

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the seer, 2012 Antique Spelter, Wood, Wax 17x6x6" © Richard Stone
a shadow following a shadow, 2012 Antique Spelter, Wood, Wax Approx 24x7x4" | 16x4x4" © Richard Stone
sculptures (various) | the gate , 2012 Antique Spelter, Wood, Wax | Wrought Iron, Graphite Various © Richard Stone
the gate, 2012 Wrought Iron, Graphite 33x31x2" © Richard Stone
for an english hero, 2012 English Oak, Graphite 12x10x1" © Richard Stone
waiting for england, 2012 Four Parts Antique Oil On Boards, Surfaces Partly Removed, Whitewashed, Lime Wood Mouldings, Waterwhite Miroguard Ar Glazing From Bottom Right To Bottom Left Counterclockwise 25x35"X2" | 12x11x2" | 21x18x2" | 15x20x2" © Richard Stone
mono | the day will come, 2012 Oil On Board, Surface Partly Removed | Antique Parian Porcelain, Wax Approx 22x15" And 12x5x4" © Richard Stone
narcissus and the ground, 2011 Antique Spelter, Wood, Wax Approx 15x5x4" © Richard Stone
one last look around England before we go | the memory cape, 2012 Antique Oil On Board | Antique Spelter, Wax Approx 12x10" And 15x7x5" © Richard Stone
the memory cape, 2011 Antique Spelter, Wood, Wax Approx 15x7x4" © Richard Stone
the magpie, 2012 Porcelain, Wax Approx 6x2x2" © Richard Stone
after , 2011 Oil On Board, Surface Partly Removed Approx 22x16" © Richard Stone
centaur, 2011 Antique Spelter Figurine, Wax Approx 9x10x4" © Richard Stone
the centaur, 2011 Antique Spelter, Wax Approx 9x10x4" © Richard Stone
of England's hoods, 2012 Bronze, Marble, Wax Approx 6x6x4" © Richard Stone
Sculptures: Installation View, 2012 Various Various © Richard Stone
the failed escape, 2012 Topsoil (One Tonne), Wax Casts From Porcelain Bird Dimensions Variable, This Version Approx 240x50x30" © Richard Stone
ditch | drift , 2011 Pencil And Acrylic On Board, Salt (0.25 Tonne) Approx 14x12x1" And 100x40x8" © Richard Stone
no break of dawn | crown | in a glass forest, 2011 Porcelain Birds, Wax, Antique Glass Dome, Gold Leaf, Beeswax, Back Painted Glass Panels X 2 Approx 4x3x2" Each And 24x11", Loft Space Approx 350x150x75", Glass Panels Approx 37x70" Each © Richard Stone
the dark light | something in the bones , 2010 Black Wool Serge Curtains, Topsoil: One Tonne And Steel Pins Approx 110x60x4" Each (X4) And 220x110x52" © Schwartz Gallery
the homecoming and deadweight (installation view), 2010 Unthreaded Carpet And Topsoil: (80 Kilos) Approx 202x172x10” And 73x36x12" © Richard Stone
reenactment of a memorial (participant) (double view), 2010 Participant, Unmarked Bouquet Dimensions Variable © Richard Stone
irom otnemem, 2008 Toughened Glass, Household Paint Dimensions Variable, Approx 120x60x12" © Richard Stone
secrets and lies, 2008 Fireplace Cast Fragments, Polyethylene, Unthreaded Carpet Approx 34x32x4” © Richard Stone
the tangled webs we weave (detail), 2005 Unthreaded Carpet, Birdbox Approx 96x12x9" © Richard Stone
New Portrait Capes, 2012 © Richard Stone
the magpie, 2012 Porcelain, Wax 6x2x2" © Richard Stone
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mixed-media, installation, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Stone's works materialise in many forms from objects and installation through to site-specific interventions which ultimately break down conventions of representation, offering new and explorative directions. 

Themes of self, place, absence and transience are recurrent whilst existing materials and found objects are intrinsic. These are seductively reworked or reconfigured through physical processes and conceptually layered strategies.

Described as elegantly restrained, Stone's works oscillate in scale from the intimate to the monumental and resonate with a range of influences from the art historical to the popular cultural and culturally referential.

Such works have included figures engulfed in ghostly auras of smooth amorphous wax, erased landscapes, carpets unraveled and suspended, assemblages of earth, flowers, salt and other delicate ephemera and performative works.

Equally heroic and flawed in aim, Stone's works evoke physical and conceptual states of metamorphosis and flux where sharp contrasts of light and dark are interwoven with grainy expressions of solitude and stasis.

What others say:

'Richard Stone's England is a land of stilted possibility; it is a fable, shrouded in a monochrome fog that conceals a world of unfurling romanticisms. And it is reaching its end.' Philosopher and Curator, Daniel Barnes

'Stone subverts convention... defaces tradition, creating the disconcerting conundrum of both the known and unknown.' Victoria Scott, Christies

'Between light and dark, tangible and ungraspable, Richard Stone installs his spaceless sculptures where boundaries creep into their own limitlessness.' Writer, Chris Piezga

'Minimal but powerful works.' Curator, Aoife van Lindel Tol

'An artist whose recent work has resonances of Felix Gonzalez-Torres's conceptual art and the Joy Division covers designed by Peter Saville.' Barnaby Tidman, jotta

'Richard Stone is an artist who has taken the contemporary obsession with death and developed the theme along much more interesting lines.' Joe Rudkin, flavorpill.

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