Laura La Wasilewska

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L&A CURATORS, installation, modern, photography, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

Laura La Wasilewska

Born in 1986, Wasilewska graduated from the European Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2010 where she received her diploma with honors from the Faculty of Painting in the studio of prof. Anthony Fałat, annex in Drawing in prof. Barbara Szubinska’s studio.
She also studied under the guidance of prof. Francis Starowieyski and prof. Wiktor Zin and completed her Master's thesis under the direction of Dr. Isabella Galicka.
Her works are in private collections across Poland and abroad, including Austria, England, France, Japan, and the U.S. Permanent exhibitions of her work can be found at the "Splinter" in Warsaw and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Her work has been presented at many individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

In August 2012, she won a three-week stay in Dresden to participate in an international open-air painting event (Palais Sommer).
In 2013 her work was sold for the second highest price at the Charity Auction of Artworks for the Foundation Maestro (Grand Ball Forbes 2013)
She is a curator and a co-founder of the Young at Art section at OW ZPAP and co-organizer of many artistic events, such as the Fresh Art Festival – an art fair held annually since 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw.

In June 2013 Wasilewska partnered with Aga Pietrzykowska beside Edward Dwurnik, Ryszard Grzyb, Marcin Kowalik, Raphael Pieśliaka and Maria Antoniak to represent Poland at the Fourth International Art Fair - "Art Vilnius'13" in Vilnius.
She works in a curatorial partnership with Aga Pietrzykowska (“L & A Curators Fall in love with art | Fall in love with art) and together they have worked on the following projects and exhibitions, among other things:
- "Fall in love with art | Fall in love with art" (FORT Sokolnickiego Arts Centre in Warsaw, February - April 2013)
- "Counterpoint | Young at Art" (Elector Gallery, Warsaw, May - June 2013).

The award-winning Wasilewska is not only appreciated by the critics and the art community but also by the media. Interviews with the artist and her works have been presented over the years in a variety of television stations, newspapers and online portals. She has been invited to various TV and radio programs where she has reviewed artistic publications and discussed art and the art market.