Grazia Allera Barbi

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HORIZON, 2015 Mixed Media On Canvas 150 X 150 Cm
HORIZON, 2015 Fabric 105 X 180 Cm
HORIZON Rope And Enamel On Canvas 120 X 140 Cm
HORIZON, 2015 Photo Variable
MOUNTAIN, 2014 Mixed 30 X 60 Cm
MOUNTAIN, 2015 Wood And Photo 30 X 60 Cm
MOUNTAIN Wood And Photo
FOREST, 2015 Mixed On Canvas And Photo 40 X 100 Cm
FOREST, 2014 Mixed On Canvas And Photo 20 X 100 Cm
HORIZON, 2015 Photo And Watercolor On Paper 30x12 Cm
ANTHROPOMETRY OF NATURE, 2015 Watercolor On Paper 35 X 25 X 1 Centimeters
ANTHROPOMETRY OF NATURE, 2015 Watercolor On Paper 35 X 25 X 1 Centimeters
ANTHROPOMETRY OF NATURE, 2015 Watercolor On Paper 35 X 25 X 1 Centimeters
Fashion pop yellow, 2016 Digital Print 50 X 70 Cm © Grazia Allera Barbi
Fashion pop purple, 2016 Digital Print 50 X 70 Cm © Grazia Allera Barbi
Quick Facts
Turin, Italy
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Politecnico di Torino - Italy, 1992
Scuola Politecnica Design, Milan, 1997
fontana, white, itay, monchrome, Manzoni, conceptual, photography

 I was an architect, I did it well, then it happens that the art calls to itself her own children. I has exposed in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, England, United States, Austria. My work investigates the relationship between humanity and nature, theme that in the actuality it is also tied up to the need of ecology and that it has already involved the thinkers from the epoch of Aristotele. It's  my convinction that the artist moves to his job his own and intimate inclination of thought: this way my sensibility approaches me to this theme. Inside my projects I look for the perfect mix through the use of different  techniques and  materials.  In my job there are simply productive moments, manuals and other made of listening of the thoughts and the sensations that they flow in my mind.

Often, before materially realizing a work, I think for a long time about what I want to do.  The idea change an it's moulded in my thought more times and often takes another form.  As if the work needed a long period of internal pregnancy to express himself at the  best in the physical and real form.

An artist is never born from the nothing as the mushrooms in the wood; it is always child of other artists that has preceded him and influenced. The same it is for me, that have passed by the interest of during my life impassioned to woman that lives for the art, studying, experimenting, working. The cardinal points to which I look and that they are recognizable in my work are the land art, the Fauveses, the conceptual art.  They are my teachers, that address accordingly me the thought and then the hands, with the intent to make an  globalized art  where there are  space for photo, the classical technique of the oil on canvas, the ceramics, the sketch, some material alternative.

I work on more projects contemporarily.  Every project is a narration and articulates in various series of works in which generally aesthetics is functional to the concept. I am spellbound from what  happens during the realization of a picture or a sculpture. Every element that is added: sign, color, object, interacts with that following. The becoming of the art, always only and inimitable.

I live and work in Milan, Italy.

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