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"Sebastião Salgado: Genesis"-Peter Fetterman Gallery; "Jeremy Kidd: Temporal Excursions"-Leslie Sacks Contemporary

  Recently, I visited the Bergamot Station galleries and had the good fortune to catch two excellent photography shows.  However, the only thing these two exhibitions had in common was the medium.  One show was in black-and-white; the other was in color.  One show emphasized the sheer majesty of the natural world; the other delighted in the playful distortion of its subject matter.    The first show, located in the Peter Fetterman Gallery, is titled “Genesis” and is the first public U.S.... [more]
Posted by Deborah Krieger on 7/3/13

"James Turrell: A Retrospective"-Los Angeles County Museum of Art

( One recent Sunday a good friend and I, having recently returned from our first year at Swarthmore College, decided to make a day of going to LACMA, my old haunt.  We decided to see the Stanley Kubrick Retrospective (which I have also reviewed) as well as the new James Turrell Retrospective.  James Turrell is a California artist who is best known for his light- and mind-bending installations.  My friend was particularly enthused by Turrell’s work, and I had read about him in my... [more]
Posted by Deborah Krieger on 6/13/13

"Stanley Kubrick"-Los Angeles County Museum of Art

When I first saw this exhibit, back in March with my editor, I wanted to review it in two words: “see it.”  Even though I have never seen a Kubrick film, I was blown away by its scope and could not think of how to write a review that encompasses every aspect of this fantastic retrospective.   Thus, when I visited LACMA to see the James Turrell retrospective, I made a point of taking another look so that I could attempt to write a review that would do justice to this excellent... [more]
Posted by Deborah Krieger on 6/12/13

"Piero Della Francesca in America" + Frick Collection- The Frick Collection

This past Saturday, I arose at the early hour of 5:30 am, caught the 6:15 SEPTA, and took the 8 am Greyhound to New York City. I’d been dying to get back to one of the greatest cities for art in the world, and I had a particular mission. As many times as I’d visited New York City in my youth on various museum adventures, I’d somehow neglected to pay a visit to the Frick Collection. For those of you not in the know, the Frick Collection is a small but incredibly distinguished collection of... [more]
Posted by Deborah Krieger on 4/28/13
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