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February 6, 1965
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angel wings, angels, photography, digital, sculpture
Koogz Art

After a two year journey I rediscovered the art within me..

“Of Hearts & Wings” The Art of Creation by Mark Kulaga

Jun. 11, 2013 - SARASOTA, Fla. -- Jun. 12, 2013 -
CONTACT: Mark Kulaga, Artist and Author of “Of Hearts & Wings” The Art of Creation

(Lakewood Ranch, Florida) June 12, 2013 -

About “Of Hearts & Wings” The Art of Creation

The artist Mark Kulaga (koogz) is proud to announce a project that has been an inspiration and has once again rekindled his love of art. “Of Hearts & Wings” The Art of Creation is a book based on an art form he discovered while taking care of his father over a two year period.

In his spare time, while waiting for him at some of his appointments at the VA Hospital, he sometimes took walks and through found and discarded objects, began creating art in order to help him cope better with the potential loss of his father.  He noticed he was finding hearts and wings in surprising places.  

Something about a cloud formation he found interesting and snapped a photo, to later see while enhancing the image with filters, the figures became apparent.  While walking the grounds at the VA, in a sea of white stones, his foot struck a rock and as he looked down he saw a heart shaped stone at the tip of his foot.  At the very least, this is a sign of serendipity, and something he should pursue further in some way.

While sitting one day, he saw this piece of wood sitting in a puddle, partially covered, he decided to photograph it, only later to digitize and work on it.  The first set of angel wings came into shape, and it was simply from allowing himself to free draw and manipulate, without any thought of the end result consciously.   The epiphany was immediate and the response to the feeling of creating something discarded gave him a feeling of great awe.  The essence of the original piece remained but something new and beautiful emerged from the experience.

More and more, he simply waited for objects to cross his path, photograph them, and then work them into something organic.  The entire process of creating something from what many considered worthless and easily ignored had a calming effect, but at the same time, as in watching a great story unfold, the anticipation of what the final result could be, made him not only a participant, but an eager observer as well.

The art takes on the form of Hearts and Wings, and then he was inspired once again to create a book based on this art form. The taking of sometimes very small insignificant materials, branches, metal, etc. and transforming them into something else, while still retaining their basic essence and nature.

This project is currently being hosted on a crowd funding site, Jump Start City,where visitors can decide wether my project is worthy of continuing, and being funded. His goals are to fund a studio, produce and fabricate his art, publish his book, and eventually host workshops on the art of creativity and the profound positive impact of the very act of being inspired can affect one’s life.

His art is available on a customer order basis, and prices are initially set at $1,200.00 and sizes range from 48” wide x 72” high and up.

About Mark Kulaga

Mark Kulaga is a Lakewood Ranch, Florida based artist. He is currently a Mac Technician, and has been a Technical Environmental Artist, Production Photographer, Presentation Specialist, and Graphic Designer. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the 80’s on a full scholarship and has a background in 3D and Technical Drawing. This will be his first venture on his own as an individual artist creating an art form he has aptly named “photo sculpture”

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