Marco Pettinari

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Quick Facts
Birth year
Accademy of Fine Arts of Rome, 2009, 110/110
Degree (BSc) in Computer science Engineering, 2001, 104/110
Diploma in Modern Languages, 1991, 50/60
plexiglass paint mixed-media, plexiglas, Plexiglas table, plexiglass, mixed-media, pop, installation, modern, figurative, sculpture

Marco Pettinari, was born in Rome on November 1972.
At the moment he lives and works in Pomezia, a small town near Rome.
Since very young he showed big interest in art subjects, but provided with a highly versatile personality he approached more firmly the world of art only after obtaining a Diploma in Modern Languages
a Degree (BSc) in Computer Science Engineering and then a Diploma (BSc) in Figurative Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

His multiple interests led him to find different ways to expresses his art such as painting, sculpting, engraving, photography, multimedia installations and experiments using various synthetic or organic materials or recycled materials in general with different kind of supports.
In all these disciplines, his approach is to seize control of the main techniques and explore the different possibilities to achieve an aesthetic result which is compatible with his concept of a work of art.


Exhibitions and Awards:

May 2012:          Collective exhibition contest “MostraMi, 3° Mostra Evento “,

                            Via Genova Giovanni Tahon di Revel 3, Milano.

                           Curators: Sandro Aglialoro

Gennaio 2012:   Collective exhibition contest “Expo Bologna 2012 “,

                              Via San Felice 18,Bologna

                              Curators: Deborah Petroni, Rumens Focacci, Davide Foschi, Valentina Mazza.

Novembre 2011: Collective exhibition contest “MostraMi, 3° Mostra Evento “,

                                Via  Genova Giovanni Tahon di Revel 3, Milano.

                                Curators: Sandro Aglialoro, Roberta Molin Corvo.
Awards: winner of “Premio del pubblico”.

August / Sept 2011: Collective exhibition contest " XXIII Porticato Gaetano”,

                                    Municipal Gallery of ContemporaryArt <<Giovanni by Gaeta>>;

                                    Palazzo S.Giacomo - Via de Lieto 2, Gaeta. Italy.

                                    Art Direction: Associazione culturale Novecento

August 2011:          Collective exhibition of contemporary art "RIFIUTArte",

                                   Former Convent of St. Francis, Posta, Rieti. Italy

                                   Curator: Professor Monica Renzi.


July / Sept 2010:     Collective exhibition contest “XXII Porticato Gaetano”, Municipal

                                   Gallery of Contemporary Art <<Giovanni by Gaeta>>;

                                   Palazzo S.Giacomo - Via de Lieto 2, Gaeta.

                                   Art Direction: Associazione culturale Novecento

                                   Awards: Winner of "Premio Pasquale Ciaccio"

October 2009:          Collective " Profezie di Bellezza 5” (Prophecies of Beauty 5), at the

                                    Gallery of Contemporary Art “Studio Ferraro"  Via degli Scipioni 39, Rome.

                                    Curator: Dr. Isabella Tirelli

July / Sept 2009:    Collective exhibition contest “XXI Porticato Gaetano”,

                                  Municipal Gallery  of Contemporary Art <<Giovanni by Gaeta>>;

                                  Palazzo S. Giacomo –Via de Lieto 2, Gaeta.

                                  Art Direction: Associazione culturale Novecento


July 2009:               Collective exhibition of painting "Dia-Logos",

                                 Municipal Cultural Centre, Cervara di Roma.

                                 Curator: Prof. Enzo Orti

June 2009:           Collective of Painting "Mostra Evento",

                               “Linearia” Art gallery-shop, Rome.

                                Curator: Saskia Morelli

June 2007:            Collective exhibition of sculpture Impare l’Arte e...”

                                 Studio of Architects Scrimieri – Caproni’, Rome. 

                                Curators: Donato Bianco, Oriana Impei.