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Blue Tomato, 2009 Digital Photography 30" X 40" © Ginger Van Hook
Purple Tomato, 2009 Digital Photography 30" X 40" © Ginger Van Hook
Crimson Tomatoe, 2009 Digital Photography 21" X 29" Framed White Matt © Ginger Van Hook
Carrots Love Too!, 2009 Digital Photography 16" X 20" Framed, Black Matt © Ginger Van Hook
Hot Pink Peppers, 2009 Digital Photography 16" X 20" Framed, Black Matt © Ginger Van Hook
Blue Green Basket & Harvest, 2009 Digital Photography 16" X 20" Framed, Black Matt © Ginger Van Hook
Tomatoes & Basil, 2009 Digital Photography 21" X 29" Framed White Matt © Ginger Van Hook
FerroMagneticFields, 2010 Digital Photography 30" X 40" © Ginger Van Hook
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Lives in
Los Angeles
Works in
Los Angeles
Otis College of Art and Design, 2004, MFA
USC Annenberg School Communication & Journalism, 1989, BA
Representing galleries
Focus One Gallery, Monrovia, California; Monrovia Association Of Fine Arts
still-life, arts-education, video-art, landscape, traditional, photography, digital


Ginger Van Hook 2010

Biography and Artist Statement


Ginger Van Hook was born in Argentina and raised in Los Angeles, California. She developed her love of art from the rich cultural heritage of art she inherited from her grandparents and parents from four corners of the world, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. She married Luke Van Hook, a fine arts painter and both are working artists in Los Angeles. Ginger Van Hook has been working in photography for twenty years. She works in traditional darkroom 35 mm and 4 x 5 media. Almost 10 years ago, she also embraced the new digital medium. As a photographer and writer Ginger has exhibited photographs in genres ranging from Still-Life such as flowers and vegetables to Landscapes and Cityscapes of Los Angeles and cities that she and her husband have traveled in. Ginger also created several short films, documentaries, music journals and visual film poetry to investigate the current digital technologies.

As part of her artistic practice she explores local contemporary artists and has generated numerous blogs. The Van Hooks also network using various social networking sites such as FaceBook, Utube, and Twitter. Ginger Van Hook created an online art magazine forum where she promotes both the visual fine arts of painting, photography and sculpture as well as the literary arts of text, poetry, fiction, print-media, and book making. Thanks to the participating artists who have given her permission to photograph their works, these blogs have become informative and artistic digital photo-journals documenting and featuring local artists called the “finearttrekkin” series. For example: one of 30 blogs is: (

Currently Ginger Van Hook teaches Color Photography and the History of Photography at Otis College of Art and Design. This is where Ginger Van Hook credits her mentors. She mentored with Ysamur Flores-Peña as a teaching assistant where she earned her MFA Degree in writing and was mentored by Paul Vangelisti, Benjamin Weisman and Mary Waranov. Additional teaching experiences from Pasadena City College include assisting black and white photographer Vicky Martin. Photography and art mentors include Color Photographer, Michael Mimms of Pasadena, California, Black and White Photographer Linda Hoover of Covina and Fine Artist, Jim Morphesis of Los Angeles. Prior to her work in the photographic and film mediums, Ginger Van Hook worked as a radio broadcaster in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Reno and Gardnerville and published poetry and fiction. In addition to a busy artist practice, Ginger Van Hook gives back to her artist community by doing volunteer work to support other artists and states she believes volunteer work is good for the soul and art is good for the community.

“My work is often informed by incorporating the inspiration I derive from my volunteer experience into my photographic landscapes and still life’s. Currently I volunteer in an artist community garden with a Beverly Hills artist, Linda Kunik for a project called “Plant It Forward”. This part of my practice is in collaboration with my husband, Luke Van Hook, and I document this artistic journey in photography and text on Gingers Art Journal.” (http://gingersartjournal.blogspot.c...)

Additional non-profit organizations Ginger Van Hook does volunteer work for include the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts, Los Angeles Art Association, Gallery 825, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, The Greater Los Angeles Writers Association and Inglewood Open Studios. “I started volunteer work at the age of 14 for the City of Hope in Duarte, California and have volunteered in my community in one way or another ever since.”


Ginger Van Hook Art Shows 2002 - 2010

  • 2010        Celebrate the Arts, October Festival, Monrovia      Featured Artist, Digital Photography Still Life & Landscapes
  • 2010      Focus One Gallery, Monrovia  Group Show: Sustainable Nourishment and Nourishment for the Soul
  • 2009      Inglewood Open Studios, Inglewood             Open Studio Exhibition                                                 Group Show 16 artists, Digital Photography & Darkroom prints
  • 2009      Los Angeles Center For Digital Art            December Group Show
  • 2009      ArtSlant, Inglewood Open Studios            Online Group Show
  • 2009      Shizuko Greenblatt, Gallery 825                  Documentation of Artist Practice
  • 2009      Plant It Forward: The Starving Artist Project      Documentation of Artist Practice                             Linda Kunik’s Garden, Beverly Hills
  • 2009      Paint N Play Art Gallery, Monrovia California      Digital Photography, Flowers
  • 2009      West Hollywood Festival of Books            “The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts”
  • 2008      Los Angeles Times/UCLA Festival of Books      “The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts”
  • 2008      West Hollywood Festival of Books            “The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts"
  • 2008      Focus One Gallery, Monrovia, California            Digital Photography, Flowers
  • 2008      Focus One Gallery, Monrovia, California            Digital Photography, Angels
  • 2008      Monrovia October Festival of the Arts                 Digital Photography, Collage
  • 2007      Monrovia October Festival of the Arts                 Digital Photography, Collage
  • 2006      Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts                     Digital Photography, Abstract
  • 2006      Royal Cup Art Gallery, Long Beach, California      Digital Photography, Animals
  • 2005      Picture This Gallery, Long Beach, California      Digital Photography, ‘La Virgen’
  • 2004      The Bolsky Gallery, Otis College of Art & Design Photography Collage
  • 2004      Senior Show: Otis College of Art & Design      Bookmaking: Handmade Books
  • 2002      “Van Hook Colors: A Husband and Wife Show”       Pasadena City College Gallery,                      Paintings and Photographs
  • 2002      Pasadena City College Scholarship Show      Award Winning Color Photography


Works on Film and Digital video, Los Angeles, California

By Ginger Enilde Van Hook



Archimedes Van Hook                                                U-tube Artist Video 1:00 min

The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts                                    U-tube Artist Video 1:00 min


Dog Love

VHS format

Short film, romance blooms between a dognap per and a dog owner

2:36 min


Dog Days of an Artist

VHS format

Film short, portrays the challenges facing a painter

5:48 min


The Conga Tree

VHS format

Short film portrays poet under musical tree describing life before and after 9-11

30:00 min


Bobby Bradford

VHS format

Trumpet Legend, Music Documentary about P.C.C. Music Instructor


Susie the Spy

VHS format

Film short, promo using Mission Impossible theme music

2:30 min


Fishy Date

VHS format

Film short, comedy-man in love with fish; takes fish on date

3:00 min


The Art of Chaos

VHS format

Film short, comedy- filmmakers struggle with making one movie from 5 scripts

5:30 min



Written works by Ginger Enilde Van Hook


Waiting in the Wings                        Poetry           1991

Published, Carpentaria, California


The Trilogy of Private Showings: Poetry            1992

Published, Gardnerville, Nevada

I.            Gypsy Spurs                   -cowboy Poetry

II.            Twisted Rainbow  -social justice poetry

III.            The Haughty Naughty Tipsy Gypsy-romantic


A Magnetic Attraction                        Poetry            2004

By Ginger & Luke Van Hook

Published, Los Angeles, California


The Kingdom of Nuts & Bolts a novel                     2004

Published, Los Angeles, California


A Sliver of My Private Thoughts                               2007

Published, Los Angeles, California


Epublishing: Van Hook Fine Arts


Published creative, press and community service announcement stories

In print, Internet sites and newsletters


“Plant It Forward” Beverly Hills, Artist Project            2010

Core Media Group, Arcadia, CA                                   2009

Westside Today, Los Angeles, A                                  2009

Pasadena Now, Pasadena, CA                                    2009

The San Gabriel Valley Weekly, SG, CA                     2008

The Arcadia Weekly, Arcadia, CA                                 2007

Mountain views, Monrovia, CA                                      2006

The Penguin Political                                                       2004

The Otis Review History & Fiction                                  2004

Pasadena City College Courier                            2000-2002

Record-Courier Gardnerville, Nevada                1993-1996


Ginger Van Hook, Photographer/Writer/Artist

Fine Arts Journalism, Press Liaison

Promoting Local Fine Artists in the Community

( 310-671-9348)




Ginger Van Hook

Leadership Awards, Community Service

Non-Profit Organizations and Volunteer Service


Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D), Reader, Hollywood, California, 2009


The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, Photographer & on Board of Directors, ‘08 – ‘09


Monrovia Association of Fine Arts, Photographer, Press Liaison & on Board of Directors  ‘05 – ‘09

(Featured Artist for 2010)


Otis College of Art and Design, Masters of Fine Arts, Writing/photo Graduated with Honors, 2004


Wicker Vocational Scholarship in Photography, awarded by the Pasadena Art Alliance, P.C.C., 2002

President, Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce, public service1985-1987

Woman of the Year, Awarded by the Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce 1986-1987

USC Dance Theater, dancer, assistant stage manager, publicity 1987

Mayor Bradley Citation, awarded & presented by Councilman Mike Woo 1986

Founder, Chairperson, Hollywood Easter Parade 1985-1986

USC Dance Team, Ballroom dancing, Awards: Bronze, Silver: Samba, Cha-cha, Rumba, 1980

City of Hope, Volunteer 1974-1976 200 hours awarded gold pin








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