Ngo Thuy Duyen

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Istanbul, Turkey
Hue university of art, 2006, BA

Ngo Thi Thuy Duyen, Vietnamese visual artist





1981: Born in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, Viet Nam 

2006: Graduated from Hue Fine Arts University

2009- 2012: Attending Master of Art in Ho Chi Minh city Fine Arts University.



2011 July - 2012 August: Worked as a set designer in Production Designer Team


2012 ( 4th Oct- 23th Nov): Joined the workshop of the residence program in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam which was organized by the French artist Xavier de Kepper and Vietnamese artist and production designer La Quy Tung.


2012 ( 3th Sept - 3th Oct): Worked as an artist in residence in Tainan (Taiwan) in the project "South Country, the South of Country" which is an art collaboration between Zerostation, Vietnam and Outsiders Factory, Taiwan


2011 ( November): Solo exhibition performance “ Allergy” at Zero Station in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


2010 (March): Received grants of Young Artists Grants Program sponsored by the Melbourne City Council and supported by the Australian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City


2009 (December): 

  • Presentation on Vietnamese Performance Art at Zero one Design Center- Theater in Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Invited participant to Performance Art Network ASIA (PAN ASIA) in Seoul, Republic of Korea


2007 (July): Solo Painting Exhibition “Departure”, Tu Do Art Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


2007 (July-October): Asia Artist in Residence in Cheongju, Republic of Korea.


2007 (August): Chungbuk International Art Fair, in Chungbuk, Republic of Korea.


2007 (October): Vietnam New Art Exhibition in Shin Museum in Cheongju, Republic of Korea.


2007 (October): Festival performance in Andokbol Street, Cheongju, Republic of Korea.


2007 (November): Global Warming Project: A million Ways to cool down, Silpakorn University, Wang Tha Phra, Na Phra Lan Road, Bangkok, Thailand.


2006 (June):  “Poetry”, Installation Exhibition at Hue festival, Hue, Vietnam. 


2006 (July): Installation Exhibition with “Infinity group” at 3A Ton Duc Thang St., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 


- Participated in the Performance Workshop of artist Tran Luong at Saigon Open City, 3A Ton Duc Thang St., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 


2006 (August): Performance of Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba’s artwork at Gwangju Biennale 2006, Gwangju, Republic of Korea.  


2006 (September): “Fireflies”, Performance Art Exchange Exhibition At the Duc House on Stilts, Hanoi, Vietnam.  

- Participated in the Performance Workshop by artist Tran Luong at Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam. 


2006 (October): “Progress in Peace”, a subject in the project "Stone and Water", Anyang, Republic of Korea.  


2006 (November): Installation Exhibition, HCM City Fine Art Association, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


2005 Installation & Performance Exhibition with “Infinity Group” at 8 Tran Van Ky St.,Hue, Vietnam.


2004 “Spring 2004” Painting Exhibition, Tam Ky, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.

2004 Attended a course on installation art by Juliane Hessi, a German artist, at Hue's Fine Arts University, Hue, Vietnam.

2004 Participating in a workshop with Juliane Hessi at Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2004 “Aspiration for Peace”, Installation Exhibition at Hue Festival, Hue, Vietnam. 

2004 (August): Painting Exhibition with the Hue Fine Art Club, 26 Le Loi St., Hue, Vietnam.   

2003 -Installation Exhibition “Spring” at 04 Doan Thi Diem, Hue, Vietnam.

December: Installation Exhibition at Hue Fine Arts University, Hue, Vietnam.

2002 Painting exhibition at the Art Fair, Hue Festival, Hue, Vietnam