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Kaz Oshiro's Painterly Gestures  
Kaz Oshiro at Rosamund Felsen Gallery January 3rd, 2009 - January 31st, 2009
Posted 1/13/09
  There is a frustrating push-pull in Kaz Oshiro's work: the desire to fiddle with he knobs, look inside the washing machine, or deposit some trash. At the same time, the gallery or museum setting admonishes us not to touch. As a reward for our good manners, Oshiro has placed his paintings-cum-sculpture far enough away from the gallery wall, allowing us to 'peer behind the curtain' and share his secret. These are no ordinary Marshall amps or Ikea cabinets. Through an accomplished handling... [more]
The Artifice of War  
Nicholas Grider at Sea and Space Explorations January 3rd, 2009 - January 31st, 2009
Posted 1/6/09
Nicholas Grider's exhibition, Artifice and Sacrifice is on display through January 31, 2009. For those unfamiliar with Grider's project, the left wall of the gallery sets out a bit of context. There's a hand-written anecdote from his experiences at Ft. Irwin along with the re-presentation of (presumably) an army manual that translates the command, "Stop or I'll shoot," into multiple languages. On several occasions Grider participated in military exercises at the Army's National Training... [more]
Darren Almon's Video Bearing  
Darren Almond at David Patton Los Angeles November 22nd, 2008 - January 10th, 2009
Posted 1/6/09
One can enter the loop of Darren Almond's 35 minute video 'Bearing' at any point; the viewer is bearing witness to a Sisyphean task. In the caldera of an Indonesian volcano, workers lay sections of pipe to channel the sulfur-laden steam venting from cracks in the earth. In one scene they 'seed' the plume to form precipitate, creating a hiss as sulfuric acid is made. People enter and disappear into the clouds, chipping away at the bright yellow rocks. For the extended middle section of the... [more]
OCMA's California Biennial on View Through March 15  
Michael Arcega, Edgar Arceneaux, The Backroom, My Barbarian, Kelly Barrie, Justin Beal, Walead Beshty, Andrea Bowers, Jedediah Caesar, Sarah Cain, Bruce Conner, Einar and Jamex de la Torre, Felipe Dulzaides, Sam Durant, Marcos Ramirez ERRE, ESL (Esthetics as a Second Language), Morgan Fisher, Piero Golia, Gronk, Karl Haendel, Mark Hagen, Skylar Haskard, Patrick "Pato" Hebert, Evan Holloway, Margaret Honda, Jordan Kantor, Mary Kelly, Tony Labat, D'nell Larson, Elad Lassry, William Leavitt, Matt Lucero, Shana Lutker, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Rodney McMillian, Julio Cesar Morales, Raymond Pettibon, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Yvonne Rainer, Marco Rios, Amanda Ross-Ho, Aaron Sandnes, Anna Sew Hoy, High Desert Test Sites, Jim Skuldt, Kara Tanaka, Joel Tauber, Ruben Ortiz Torres, Erika Vogt, Mary Weatherford, Lauren Woods, Brenna Youngblood at Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) October 26th, 2008 - March 15th, 2009
Posted 10/25/08
It has been a rough start to the new millennium, and sadly art survey shows have failed to reflect the context in which art makers and viewers live. Thankfully Lauri Firstenberg of LAXART has remedied the disconnect with the 2008 California Biennial. Before you walk in the door, Sam Durant's banners (in English and Spanish) hijack the OC's civic-boosterism-via-banner-blight, by reminding residents that their comfortable homes were built by the sweat of an undocumented workforce, on a piece of... [more]
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