Paulo Valentim Ribeiro de Almeida

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Born in 1964, in Lisbon, it was at the age of 12 that Paulo Valentim established the first contact with ceramic, at Elemen- tary School Bartolomeu Dias, in Algés. In 1978, he enters the Decorative Arts School António Arroio, where he starts the stud- ies of ceramic with the Master Querubim Lapa. In 1984, he finishes the course of António Arroio High School and starts the professional activity in the workshop “Azu- larte”, where he concludes the specializa- tion in old painting with the Master Ângelo Pereira. Around the same time, in 1985, he begins the study of Portuguese Guitar with Octávio Sérgio. Trough music and fado, he is invited by Filipe La Féria to integrate the orchestra of the show Passa por Mim no Rossio and knows the great diva Amália Rodrigues with whom he contacts in the many intellectual re- unions organized by her. In 1986, founds, with the Master Ângelo Pereira, the ceramic workshop “Hera Cintra”, assuming the technical supervision and, later on, the artistic one. In the following year, he wins the inter- national competition of ceramic painting or- ganized by the Employment and Vocational Training Institute, where, in 1989, he teaches classic painting techniques in professional education courses. In this same year, he teaches ceramic in Casa Pia of Lisbon. In 1990 he begins another project: with some of his old teachers, he creates the at- elier “Oficina do Azulejo” (Tile Workshop), where he develops an intense activity in the area of the ceramic coatings, at the same time that he participates in several national and international ceramic exhibitions. In 1993, he returns, by invitation, to the Decorative Arts School António Arroio, this time as a teacher of ceramic painting occu- pying the vacancy left by the retirement of Querubim Lapa. Three years after, another project in the ceramic area, with the creation of the atelier “Oficina Monte Sinai” (Mount Si- nai Workshop), specialized in the reproduc- tion of titles and old Portuguese ceramics. 1997 was the year of initiating an intense activity in the area of musical composition and accompanying, activity that he maintains continuously and that brings him to the stag- es and concert halls all over the world. Never neglecting ceramic, in 1998, he develops the in-depth studies of the ancestral ceramic techniques, boosting his activity as a ceramic artist, extending his clients portfolio and institutions who he works with, since the Lisbon Patriarchate, to the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic, passing trough Lisbon Town Hall and the Portuguese Foreign Affairs Bureau. In 2003, for the second time, he wins the competition of melodies for the Lisbon Popu- lar Parades. In 2006 he extends his connection to Theatre, for which he already composed mu- sic, to the drawing of costumes. In 2010, he teaches in Macao workshops of old painting in tiles by invitation of Arq. Car- los Marreiros. In the following year, he starts a collaboration with Casa de Portugal in Ma- cao, integrating the School of Arts and Crafts. In this field, he organizes the collective ex- hibition with his students entitled “Around Baroque”, in the garden of the Portuguese Consulate.