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The Greats (1), March 2015 Photograph 14" X 16" ©
Enregistrez France (1), January 2015 Mixed Media 4.5' X 4.5' ©
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McLennan, Alberta, Canada
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Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
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School of Hard Knocks
fine art, modern art, contemporary art, abstract, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, landscape, modern, photography
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Series:  Fun. Flora. France

What exactly is flora? This question plagued me for some time and presented a challenge that the root idea of flora and its DNA had to be examined and resolved. Thoughts churned for years , at times powerful, at times subdued, sometimes simultaneously at varying speeds - but always present. Finally, the nucleus revealed itself, splotches of paint, unintentionally applied, on my easel and paint jars were the mechanism to depict the very idea of flora in art. The barcode DNA breakdown became the pathway and the opportunities lay exposed; manipulate the components at will ending with the transposing of one object into and upon the other. As a result the first four pieces in this series were created.


Series:  Enregistrez France

This series celebrates the special realationship Canada shares with France.  For example, not only do we have two official languages (English and French) we share our cultures, traditions, food, music and everything in between. 

Series:  Wall Street !? 

These artpieces were inspired by the 2008 Wall Street financial crash, its causes and world-wide impact. There is ever-present danger of a repeat, the results of which will be catastrophic.

Series:  Sex, Love and Hate 

This photographic collection explores the beauty and dangers found within the triangle of human relationships. 

Series:  To Hell With it.....I WANT! 

Obsession, addiction, and attitude are combined in this modern series of photographs.  






ASTRID  ARN  artist | painter | sculptor | photographer


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Astrid ARN was born, raised and resides in Alberta, Canada.  Having worked in administration and management, she began her art career when the inspiration struck at an art festival called "Art Walk". That day awakened something in her that she feels remained dormant for a long time, something that had been missing and felt a longing for...finally it had been found ...IT was art.  Since then Astrid ARN has been creating; 3 dimensional objets d'art, painting, photography, drawings and other things.  Working in series, she record's her intentions towards the objects using a combination of materials to confound the generic limits of what one knows, while holding a visual comprehension the piece ultimately becomes strangely familiar yet unfamiliar.  Deviations from what is known permits modification using geometric forms and solid presence, all the while injecting categorical confusion to reveal the levels of deception involved in illusionism.   Astrid Arn's work focuses on the structures of perception, striving to conflate the world of images and thoughts, which can be apprehended but at times not physically grasped, amid the world of objects, which is the same space that we ourselves occupy. 


Gallery Associations (Present and Past) Publications

Tu Gallery,  10718 – 124 St., Edmonton, Alberta

G Squared, 10615 -124th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Modern Urban Designers (M.U.D.) 104th Ave. & 124th St., Edmonton, Alberta Purnev Gallery, Belgium, 2013

D’Lish, 10418-124th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Liliana’s Boutique and Art Gallery, 12302 – Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Destina Art Gallery, 124th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

NOTE:  All the above are on “Gallery Row” in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Art Education and Training

September 1998 to 2005 – Numerous art classes through to professional level with Sutton Art, Sherwood Park, Alberta

October 2000 – Drawing Instruction, Strathcona Art Society

March 2004 – Watercolor Workshop with Frances Alty-Arscott

March-April 2004 – W. Wong’s Watercolor Course

Winter 2004 – University of Alberta Extension – Drawing Classes

Fall 2009 – Sculpture Class with Alan Milne, Bev Facey Composite HS, Sherwood Park, Alberta


Many juried shows at the “Loft Gallery” Strathcona County, Sherwood Park, Alta.

“The Works” juried art display, Edmonton, and associated Galleries.

My artwork hangs within many corporate and private collections including “G’ Squared, Edmonton; Urban Granite, Edmonton; and Little Warriors, Edmonton.


Purnev Gallery, Belgium, 2013


Is IT about the art or is IT about the math?


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