Daniel Cordani

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Tao Pei Pill Bottles
Spider Drones, 5/2012
Parsing Pulls, 2013 Watercolor, Acrylic On Arches Cold Press 30" X 22"
Splice, 2012 Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Ink On Arches Cold Press 22" X 30"
Window, 2012 Watercolor, Acrylic On Arches Cold Press 30" X 22"
Quick Facts
mixed-media, installation, video-art, surrealism, modern, graffiti/street-art
Artist Statement

My work attempts to navigate an understanding between the human spirit existing in the all-encompassing machine; recognizing the power and destruction of technology and how it is drastically altering human development, from neural pathways to war. The human spirit is as resilient as it is corruptible and the ancient tug-of-war between light and dark, nature and destruction, compassion and ignorance - is where I attempt have my work situated. I am not attempting to recreate beauty as nature cannot be superseded. Rather, I seek to find new visual spaces and symbols of meaning in a post-nuclear age that is just recently understanding the immense complexity of our body, mind and cosmos. My work is tactile and sculptural, working through unorthodox methods to achieve a visual timbre that speaks with a deeper and more compelling voice than simply an interesting image. As we are bombarded with more representational images and advertisements than ever before, the world of abstract art plays an ever-important role in giving the viewer a place to see and think for themselves. The art I make are not pure abstractions though, and I am constantly weaving the human figure and multiple landscapes (digital, urban, natural, cosmic, biological) into and out of each other, as I present my vision of the nothingness that encapsulates everything.