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The city 3 - Perestroika , February 2013 Oil On Canvas 36 / 24 Inchs © subhashis ghosh
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Pen and Ink, paper, canvas, acrylic, charcoal, oil, watercolour, mixed-media, landscape, surrealism, modern, figurative, conceptual
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Subhashis Ghosh

        Address :  206/3, Block – A         

        Bangur Avenue, Kolkata - 700055

        Ph :  033 2574 5310    Cel :  9230826701 / 9830401409

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        Date of birth :  03.07.1973


Painting is outcome of emotions, knowledge.

Sometime I think my work is Provisional Art, sometime expressionism – but I stick to search the core of my mind ! Originality is really ‘question the jour’ these days – I try to follow the intensity of mind only. 

“Are you changing your course ?” Not exactly, it is the subject and it’s process of getting into the core takes responsibility to refine the execution of work. And it is a pretty interesting passage even it stings you enough, still can find the new gateways. Colours and strokes are getting more and more adventurous on my canvases which I love.

Sometime I see …

A roaring horse thrashes out the hypocrisy – televisions and snail cars are landing

down by parachutes – people are somnolent  -  my city.

I paint.

While an artist like Paul Russo appreciates works, follows and watches with his keen

eyes you will feel a colossal presence for your works.

Skoda selection too holds the same, recognising views of my works. 

Creation is the key of civilisation – over the time and space. Let’s celebrate that.


 Solo Exhibition :

1)       First solo show at Academy of Fine Arts, 4th April – 10th April, 2013

 Group Exhibition – National:

 1)      1999 -  Gaganendra Pradarshanshala, Kolkata - Group exhibition with 3 kolkata artists

2)      2012, May 26-30  -  Chemould art gallery, Kolkata - Group exhibition with 3 Delhi artists

3)      2012, October 6-17 – ‘Shakti’ an Invitation show by Gallery Gold, Kolkata

4)      2012, Dec 23- Jan 07 2013  -  Academy of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, Kolkata – by selection

5)      2013, 4th – 9th January - ‘Of Corals and Mangroves’ show at Jamnagar, Gujarat.

6)      2013, 24th Jan – 28th Jan - ‘Navi Mumbai Art Festival’ show at Mumbai.

7)      2013, March 12 – 17 – ‘Nostalgia’, the annual show of Bharatkalakendra.

8)      2013, March 27-3rd April – academy of fine arts


Group Exhibition – International:

 1)       2012, September 21- October 18  -  City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA  –

Selected and participating in “MAKE ART NOT WAR” an International art show organized by City Lights Gallery in collaboration with the World Artist Network honoring the United Nations International Day of Peace, on September 21. Artwork curated by City Lights curatorial staff, headed by Suzanne Kachmar, curator and executive director of City Lights.


 Achievement :

 Famous artist Paul Russo liked the paintings:

 Skoda Prize Art community :


Workshop :

 1)  One day workshop organised and invited by Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata at 07.08.12.

2)  Workshop in occasion of opening the Academy of Fine Arts Montmarte at October, 2012


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