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Heading East in Copper, January 2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 60 X 90 X 5 Centimeters © Agatha Grima
The Voyage 2, January 2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 102 X 76 X 5 Centimeters © Agatha Grima
My Voyage to Hope on Panel, February 2013 Mixed Media On Panel 38 X 32 X 5 Centimeters © Agatha Grima
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Malta and Brussels
School of Art, Valletta, Malta, 1985, Art
University of Malta, 2004, First Class B.Conservation Honours
Luminous, luminous abstract, paintings, Painting on metal, textured, texture, strong brushwork, large paintings, copper, metal pigments, mixed-media, modern
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Artist Statement

“My paintings are my quest towards what I am. They are the result of my conservation studies in ancient techniques and methodologies, and my gained insight into modern materials, their properties and their workability. I experience my paintings through the freedom that my materials offer, through tone, texture and rhythm as one may experience music.  In my workshop, I tend to lose myself to the frantic application of my paints to my canvas, and as my painting comes to life, it feels like utter perfection. The result is instinctively authentic, and it speaks to my soul and to anyone who can experience my work."


Born 1965 Siggiewi, Malta

1980 - Commenced studies in Painting and Sculpture at the School of Art, Valletta, Malta

1984 - Married  Ray Grima.  One daughter, Rachel, born 1986.  One son, Daniel, born 1990. My painting at this time was strongly influenced by Malta’s extensive Baroque Heritage. In the main, I concentrated upon Baroque reproductions and portraiture in oils on canvas 

2003 - Graduated with First Class Honors in Conservation of Fine Arts from the University of Malta.  My Degree included extensive studies in ancient manufacturing techniques and material sciences.

Awarded Best Dissertation for Bachelor in Conservation (Honors) by the University of Malta.

Co-Founded ReCoop Cooperative Ltd, a conservation company.  As Founder-Director and Conservator, I supervised conservation projects and was responsible for scientific tailoring of conservation treatments for major works including all projects at the prestigious St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta.  I was an active participant in the professional conservation scene through continued research, the presentation of projects with public and private lectures, and continuous interaction with the media.

2004 - Participating Delegate at the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Congress (IIC) entitled ‘Modern Art, New Museum’, in Bilbao, Spain.  My introduction to the Guggenheim Museum spurred a spontaneous reaction towards Art in a modern context and the need for creation.

2010 - My ever-increasing knowledge of modern materials; their properties and workability, together with an extensive knowledge of ancient techniques, inspired in me the urge to create. CONSERVATOR by day and ARTIST by night, my scientific background in Chemistry was of the highest value.  Alone at night, I would experiment with metal pigments and lacquers, making full use of pigment properties for opacity and transparency in artistic creations.

2012 - Resigned my directorship of ReCoop to remain as a consultant whilst concentrating on my career as an artist.

Currently I live and work in both Brussels, Belgium and Siggiewi, Malta. 

My interests are extensive in socio-political and artistic arenas.  My writings have been published by IIC and by Fondazzjoni Partimonju Malti in  ‘The Treasures of Malta’, and I currently contribute to the Arts and Culture sector at


Solo Exhibitions

October 2012 – ‘The Awakening,’ The Chamber of Commerce, Valletta, Malta 

July 2012 – ‘Arts in the Park,’ Gnien il-Madonna tal-Angli, Naxxar, Malta


Collective Exhibitions

December 2012 – MFCC, Ta’ Qali, Malta

December 2012 – Hal Xluq Chapel, Siggiewi, Malta

November 2012 – Naxxar Council, Naxxar, Malta

June 2012 – ‘The Arts Show,’ Siggiewi Local Council, Siggiewi, Malta

December 2011 – Hal Xluq Chapel, Siggiewi, Malta

November 2011 – Mellieha Arts Festival, Mellieha, Malta


Press and Events

 T.V. interview for ‘Meander’ by Mariella Pisani Bencini

 TVM News

 T.V. interview for ‘Wirt, Arti u Kultura’ by Emanuel Cassar


 The Awakening

Presentation of works to H.E. the President of Malta - The-President s engagements


Exhibition Poster

 Exhibition Brochure



 Arts and Culture E-blog at

Publication - ‘Treasures of Malta’

 Publication - IIC Conference at Bilbao 2004

 Numerous Unpublished reports including – The conservation of The Chapel of Aragon at St. John's Co-Cathedral



Public Lectures 

 Reference public lecture on Cultural Heritage and Restoration

 Reference public lecture on Conservation of Stella Maris painting

 Reference public lecture The Flagellation St. John s Co Cathedral

 Reference public lecture Titular statue of St. Dominic



 Restoration of statue of St Dominic - statue of st dominic restored in time for feast - chapel's 18th century paintings restored - Restoration of 17th century baroque crucifix

 Agatha counteracts re restoration - letter by Agatha to public re co-cathedral-s-restoration

 Agatha speaks to the Media


  • Restoration of the two late 17th century wood-carved and gilt organ boxes at St. John’s Co-Cathedral


  • Restoration of the decorated and gilt dome of the Chapel of Aragon at St. John’s Co-Cathedral


  • Restoration of ‘The Flight to Egypt’ and ‘The Adoration of the Magi’ - Cali’s Choir paintings at the Church of Tarxien



Others – Previous reproductions

 Reproduction of 16th century painting (2006) - copy of 16th centurypainting displayed at Mdina Church

 Madonna and Child icon (2003)

 Judith slaying Holofermes