nithin sadhu

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Al Pacino Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
Audrey Hepburn Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
Thom Yorke Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
Bob Dylan Brown Packaging Tape On Acrylic
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tapeart, modern, graffiti/street-art, conceptual

'Layer-Tape'.. an effort that materialized into a form of art not experienced by many. What started as a sticky, 'trial and error' attempt got Nithin and Freddy to see the dynamic use of the very simple and humble ' brown packaging tape ' which would on any other regular day not attract any attention or probably be found as a messy lump in dustbins. 

While experimentation and conceptualization remain the key themes,constant understanding of color tones and light put together has helped in the inception of 'layer-tape', which is just over two months old...and continues to grow and take art to a whole new level.

Each individual layer of tape combined with precision cutting supported by judicious use of light provides this form of hand made art (( that uses absolutely no fancy industrial cutting equipments or robots to stick and peel tape )) a new dimension and massive element of surprise - the moment that truly hits the spot !!

Musicians,classic historical moments,perspective art,movies, to real life photographs reproduced using just layers of tape with the right amount of cuts, giving a warm and classic sepia toned feel to the art and the surroundings are just a few to name in the list.

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