Madeline Starling

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Afrika Acrylic
Angel of New Orleans Acrylic © m starling
KIngs & Queens Arcylic © m starling
Modonna & Child Arcylic © m starling
Orphan City Acrylic © m starling
Pueblo Acrylic © m starling
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Madeline the Happy Painter

Madeline Starling, Canvas Artist -2012

My Peruvian, White & Lakota Sioux heritage background has greatly influenced my Primitive & rural depictions of life in General. With striking, vibrant colors and festive scenes, I am self taught Raw-naive Primitive Expressionist style that has won numerous People Choices Awards & acclaim awards in several exhibits in the Dallas Texas, area shows.  One art event called me “The Happy Artist” for the great feeling of well being and “feel good” effect, that my style causes those who see my Art. “I like stories so I try to tell a story with each painting. I have a lot more enthusiasm than knowledge and I work hard at my paintings and I feel compelled to tell my stories thru my paintings.”