Akhdi Abdellah

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BidonVille, 2007 Acrylic On Utrech Paper 26 X 29 Inch © Akhdi Abdellah
Fishing by hand, 2004 Acrylic On Canvas 6" X 8 " © Akhdi Abdellah
Behind the Grille, 3/24/2010 Acrylic On Canvas 24" X 32 " © Abdellah Akhdi
Insperation from Van Gogh, 2006 Sold Oil Pastel On Utp 32 " X 40 " © Akhdi Abdellah
Serenity, 2006 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 32"X42 © Akhdi Abdellah
Peace in Arabic , 2004 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 24" X 28 " © Akhdi Abdellah
Hard Worker, 4/5/04 Acrylic On Stretch Canvas 12"X18" © aKHDI
A Sadness, 2004 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 14" X 18"
The Truth is naked, 2006 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 32"X42 © Akhdi Abdellah
Isolated Man, 2003 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 14"X18" © Akhdi Abdellah
Les cavalliers, 1996 Oil Pastel On Smood Paper 8 X 11 Inch © Akhdi Abdellah
the view from under the water, 2008 Acrylic On Stretch Canvas 12 " X 22 " © Abdellah Akhdi
Un Papillon , 2009 Acrylic On Stretch Canvas 12 X 12 X 2' .00 Inches © Abdellah Akhdi
Honeymoon, 2004 Oil Pastel On Hard Board 24 X 28 X 1.00 Inches © Akhdi Abdellah
Central Park, 2007 Acrylic On Painting Spry Canvas 26 X 22 X 2 .00 Inches © Akhdi Abdellah
New generation, 2004 Oil Pastel On Utp 28 X 22 X 1.00 Inches © Akhdi Abdellah
A Secret of The Bottle , 2007 Oil Paint Spry & Oil Pastel 40 X 28 X 1.00 Inches © Akhdi Abdellah
Peggy's portrait , 2004 Acrylic On Hard Canvas 24 X 20 X 1.00 Inches © Akhdi Abdellah
art in street, 2003 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas "20 X 16 " © Abdellah akhdi
Holding a cart from New York , 7 / 04 / 12 Double Art 16 " X 22 " © Abdellah akhdi
Spicy Man, 2004 Acrylic On Hardboard Canvas "24 X 18 " © Abdellah akhdi
Tallage's Landscape, 2014 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas "36 X 18 " © Abdellah akhdi
Under the water, 2014 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas " 36 X 18 " © Abdellah akhdi
Tallage's Landscape, 2017 Acrylic On Hardboard Canvas "16 X 12 " © Abdellah akhdi
Tallage's Landscape, 2017 Acrylic On Hardboard Canvas " 16 X 12 " © Abdellah akhdi
Ness Alghiwan, 2005 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas " 60 X 46 " © Abdellah akhdi
Drawing , 2014 Acrylic On Stretched Canvas " 20 X 16 " © Abdellah akhdi
Tallage's Landscape, 2016 Acrylic On Hardboard Canvas "20 X 16 " © Abdellah akhdi
Tallage's Landscape, 2017 Acrylic On Hardboard Canvas " 20 X 16 " © Abdellah akhdi
picture of paintings on open studio, 2016 Photo " 8 X 10 © Abdellah akhdi
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I believe all people are born with a sense of art . Everyone dreams ; everyone has an imaginationThe challenge is to figure out what you're born for . You have to nourish your creativity , no matter how difficult your life is .No matter how talented you are , if you don't have patience you won't  achieve your goals.

My work comes primarily from life experience . To become individual with the canvas I need strong concentration .Often I don't begin by knowing what I'm going to paint . I let the images come to me . Then I respond  by becoming completely involved in the work . I continue working until I feel unified with the picture . I think of myself as an artist who draws poetry  using visual materials.     Abdellah Akhdi



Abdellah Akhdi is from Morocco. His artistic curiosity, began during his twelve years in Casablanca orphanage. Dissatisfied after earning a living as a mechanic in Casablanca and Tripoly , in 1984 he moved to Switzerland where he studied business and agriculture. In 1986 he also studied a drawing with the artist Barately in La Chaux De Fonds 1987 he studied sculpture  with Adriana which led to a one person show at the Cafe Le Stop in Le locle.

In 1992 he moved back to Morocco where he soon after met his wife, the writer Peggy Garrison. For the past  fifteen years he has been pursuing his art in New york City. He has studied at the Art Students League and through correspondence at Art Instruction School of Minneapolis where he received a Merit Award.

Abdellah Akhdi has had showings of his paintings and pastels at Charras en El Bohio (East Village) in 1996 he has a group show in Suffolk St in 1999 bay Ridge Art Festival in 2002 , Salon D'Afrique in 2002 and at the Pen & Brush Club Gallery in 2002-2004- In 2003 they awarded him a prize for his pastel. "The Hammam". A. Akhdi in 2004 he  created Micro Cells art Digital  which he has show 2005 at Salon d'Afrique in West Harlem .   In 2006-2007 he  has show in open studio in East Harlem ,he shows in Planet Cafe in 7 Th St. In 2008 on October 2-5 he showing at Metropolitan pavilion Chelsea  and last show Micro Cells art Digital  at 225 w Gallery  by H. Toback  in 14 west st in New York City . In 2009-2015 open studio on 7 street NYC . In 2010 Akhdi Abdellah created more than 40 video performance drawing with music on Youtube/a. akhdi ( free lesson drawing ).  Akhdi Abdellah also designed successfully a 8 book for his wife poet and playwright Peggy Garrison Akhdi and for DH Melam , and 2  illustration  books ,  of Love & Memory with the poet Fouad Attal in 2006 was review by magazine Pedestal in New York . Akhdi  also presently the resident artist for P& Q Press in New York City.


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