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Cornered, 1973 © 1973 Daniel D.Teoli Jr
Barbara LeMay, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Crazy, 1975 © 1975 Daniel Teoli jr
Makes Me Grateful for My Bed, 1971 © 1971 Daniel Teoli Jr
'Hakenkreuz in a Dress' (Photo is not staged.), 1973 © 1973 Daniel Teoli Jr
Tramp with White Finger Nails in the Style of Daido Moriyama, 1971 © 1971 Daniel Teoli jr
Traveling Transvestite, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Untitled #1 (Man in Alley), 1971 © 1971 Daniel Teoli Jr
Captain of Wall Street 90014, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Jennifur, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Gypsy Woman, 1973 © 1973 Daniel Teoli Jr
Barroom Madonna, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Stripper on Rooftop, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
His Perfect Woman, 1974 © 1974 Daniel Teoli Jr
Wino Drinking Beer for Breakfast, 1973 © 1973
Feathers and Leather, 1974 © 1974
New Year's Eve Skid Row Bar, 1971 © 1971
Chicken Boy Gets a Bath, 1972 © 1972
Joe, 1974 © 1974
Getty Heir Found, 1973 © 1973
Polar Bear, 2011 © 2011
Copernican Heliocentrism, 2012 © 2012
The Strutters, 2012 © 2012
Yankee Doodle Dandy, 2010 © 2010
Homage to Diane Arbus, 2012 © 2012
Imagine That, 2012 © 2012
Pole Vaulter, 2005 © 2005
Pole Dancer Ross County Ohio, 2012 © 2012
Homage to Woman, 2012 © 2012
Carla and Babydoll, 2012 © 2012
March of the Zombies, 2012 © 2012
Shark Tank, 2012 © 2012
Moondog, 2013 © 2013 Daniel D. Teoli Jr
Homage to Weegee ~ Cigarette Caught in mid Flight, 1974 Film © Daniel Teoli Jr
'Young Girl with Baby Doll'
'Girl at Griffith Park Overlook' 2012 Daniel Teoli Jr LLR.jpg, 2012 Digital © Daniel Teoli Jr
'Country Roads' © Daniel Teoli Jr
'Princess of Ross the Style of Cartier-Bresson's Rue Mouffetard Paris 1954'
Coat Hanger, 1974
The Lost Princess © Daniel Teoli Jr
Christmas in Compton
'Lady Under a Storm Cloud' © Daniel D. Teoli Jr
'The Sunlit Slipper' © Daniel D. Teoli Jr
Untitled #3 © Daniel D. Teoli Jr
Cover photo from 'Biker's Mardi Gras' limited edition artist's book by Daniel D. Teoli Jr © 2013 Daniel D. Teoli Jr
Burt's Devotee ~ (photo is not staged.) © Daniel D. Teoli Jr
Order women Like Pizza, 2014 Photograph © Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
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California State University Los Angeles (CSULA)
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Biography of Daniel D. Teoli, Jr.

Biography of Daniel D. Teoli, Jr. 


Date of Birth: December 1954 at Los Angeles, California

Education: B.A. California State University Los Angeles, California

I am self-taught and specialize in social documentary photography. I first picked up a camera in 1969. Throughout the 1970’s & 1980’s I worked to document people I met as well as street life in Los Angeles and Hollywood, CA.  I am trained in all aspects of the wet darkroom, both in black and white and color.

Moving to the Northeast in the 1989, I continued with my interest in humanist photography in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. In the early 2000’s I gradually made the switch from film to digital, which I use for the majority of my work. Although I still enjoy shooting swing lens and medium format film cameras.

 My current photography mainly revolves around Hyper-Real HDR color street photography. But, I must give credit to Les Krims for introducing me to that style of work.

In 2001 I suffered a major loss to my archives as a flood in Ohio destroyed the bulk of my photographs from the 1980’s and 1990’s. My earlier work from the 1970’s was only spared because I had already moved most of it to my new residence in West Virginia. This loss, as great as it was, inspired me to work diligently on archiving and preserving my photography.

In 2013 I produced 3 limited edition, hand-printed, hand bound artists' books:

Peephole: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A

Portfolio: Peering Into the World of 1970’s Hollywood and L.A.

Twenty-Six Roadkills

The books are placed with museums and rare book library special collections worldwide.

 Currently I am working on 4 artists’ books:

Biker’s Mardi Gras

Encyclopedia of Photographic and Fine Art Ink Jet Printing Media

Cutters: There is nothing I hate more than myself.


A few of my favorite photographers…

Lisette Model, Robert Frank, Mary Ellen Mark, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Michel Chelbin, Les Krims, Maggie Steber, Don McCullin, Salgado, Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, Gail Halaban, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Bruce Davidson, Robert Doisineau, Jane Evelyn Atwood, W. Eugene Smith, Martin Munkasci, Larry Fink, O. Rufus Lovett, Weegee, Robert Capa, Judy Dater, Ray Metzger, Erich Salomon, Harry K. Shigeta, Emmet Gowin, Jill Freeman, James Nanchez, Helen Levitte, Shelby Lee Adams, Brassai.

Artist’s statement:

If I had do sum up my interest in photography…it must stem from a liking to being able to ‘freeze time.’  Henri Cartier-Bresson described how many a street photographer may feel when at large…“I prowled the streets all day, feeling very sprung-up and ready to pounce, determined to ‘trap’ life - to preserve life in the act of living.” 

Combine that with a dose of Elliott Erwitt…“I just take pictures and hope something comes out of it.”   Erwitt’s quote reminds me that luck is a big factor in getting that iconic shot and to try and keep a big ego in check.

Photography trains practitioners to concentrate their vision and see things the average person may overlook. Before I was a photographer, I would seldom look at the small details or focus on a subject for any length of time.

Now I notice the beauty of a weathered wall. I see potential for a photo in a dusty window screen. In short, photographers are always looking. We look at everything, visualizing light, composition, shapes, color and patterns.

There is something that transforms the snapshot into a photograph. A spark of alchemy the photographer uses that turns the ordinary photo into something that is worthy of a second look. That elusive transformation is what I have set out to capture in my photography.

Public Collections: I have photograph(s) and / or bound limited edition print portfolios at the following institutions:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California

Rhode Island School of Design - Special Collections Fleet Library, Rhode Island

Oxford Bodleian Library - Special Collections U.K.

Toronto University - Thomas Fischer Rare Book Library, Canada

British Library - Special Collections, U.K.

Rutgers University - Special Collections Library, New Jersey

Columbia University - Special Collections Avery Fine Arts Library , New York

Art Center College of Design - Special Collections, California

Brown University - Special Collections Art Library, Rhode Island

University of California Berkeley - Special Collections Art Library, California

Oglebay Institute - Stifel Fine Arts Center, West Virginia

Mennello Museum of Art, Florida

The Art Museum at The University of Kentucky, Kentucky *

Mead Art Museum - Amherst College, Massachusetts

Victoria and Albert Museum - National Art Library, U.K.

NYU - Special Collections Fales Library, New York

Amherst College - Special Collections Library, Massachusetts

Stanford University - Special Collections Art & Architecture Library, California

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China

Allen Memorial Museum - Oberlin College, Ohio

University of Exeter - Bill Douglas Centre, U.K.

Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center - Vassar College, New York

Flint Institute of Art, Michigan

Noyes Museum of Art - Stockton College, New Jersey

RISD Museum, Rhode Island

California State Library Sacramento - Special Collections, California

International Center of Photography - Special Collections Library, New York

Fashion Institute of Technology - Special Collections Marcus Library, New York

Wright State University - Special Collections Dept of Art and History, Ohio

American Motorcycle Museum - Pinkerton, Ohio

National University of Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

Colby Museum of Art - Colby College, Maine

The Kinsey Institute, Indiana

University of  Southern California - One Archives, California

Bibliotheque Kandinsky Special Collections - Centre Pompidou, France

Tweed Museum of Art - University of Minnesota, Minnesota

San Antonio Museum of Art, Texas

Spencer Museum of Art - University of Kansas, Kansas

Yale University - Special Collections Haas Art Library, Connecticut

UCLA - Special Collections Charles E. Young Research Library, California

UCONN - Special Collections Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, Connecticut

Brooklyn Museum Library - Special Collections, New York

Muscarelle Museum of Art - College of William and Mary, Virginia

The National Library of Sweden - Special Collections, Sweden

The University of California Santa Barbara - Special Collections, California

Smithsonian American Art Museum Library - Special Collections, Wash. D.C.

Corcoran Gallery College of Art - Special Collections, Washington D.C.

The University of the Arts - Special Collections Library, Pennsylvania

Reed College Library - Special Collections, Oregon

The Art Institute of Chicago School of Art - Flaxman Special Collections, Illinois

Ringling College of Art And Design - Special Collections Library, Florida

The Newberry - Special Collections, Illinois

New School Archives & Special Collections, New York

Cranbrook Academy of Art - Special Collections Library, Michigan

San Francisco Public Library - Special Collections, California

Maryland Institute College of Art - Special Collections, Maryland

National Library of South Africa - Special Collections, Pretoria, South Africa

Bard College - Special Collections Stevenson Library, New York

University of Pennsylvania - Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Pennsylvania

University California Santa Cruz - Special Collections McHenry Library, California

SCAD - Special Collections, Georgia

The National Vietnam War Museum, Texas ***

Mills College Library - Special Collections, California

Colby Library - Special Collections, Maine

University of Nevada Reno - Special Collections, Nevada

Northwestern University - McCormick Special Collections, Illinois *** (1)

Boston Public Library - Special Collections, Massachusetts *** (1)

University of Iowa - Martin Rare Book Special Collections, Iowa ***(1)

University of Tulsa - McFarlin Special Collections, Oklahoma ***(1)

Mudd Center - Special Collections Oberlin College, Ohio ***(1)

New York Public Library - Special Collections, New York ***(1)

Harvard Radcliffe Institute - Schlesinger Special Collections, Massachusetts ***(1)

DePaul - Richardson Special Collections, Illinois ***(1)

UIC - Special Collections, Illinois ***(1)

University of Colorado - Anschutz Special Collections, Colorado ***(1)

Cleveland Museum of Art - Ingalls Special Collections, Ohio

University of Kentucky - Special Collections, Kentucky ***(1)

Trinity College Watkinson - Special Collections, Connecticut ***(1)

Cushing/ Whitney Medical Library Yale Special Collections, Connecticut ***(1)

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek / German National Library - Special Collections, Germany

Harwood Museum of Art - University of New Mexico,  New Mexico

Museum of Fine Art Houston - Special Collections Hirsch Library, Texas

The University of Chicago - Special Collections Library, Illinois

University of London - Special Collections Senate Library, U.K.

National Library of Scotland - Special Collections, Scotland

Center for Creative Photography - Special Collections, Arizona ***

Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

National Media Museum, U.K. ***


* Delivered - Pending Board Approval

** Accepted - Pending Delivery

*** Requested, Pending Delivery and Board Approval

(1)   Artists’ Book: Cutters: There is nothing I hate more than myself.


I certify this biography is accurate as of  June 6, 2014


Daniel D. Teoli, Jr