verteramo roberta

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Works in
Albertina, Academy of fine art in Turin, 5
installation, sculpture

This work starts from my personal knowhow, in art, and from a reflections about the humanity existence.

Everything come from the cell,  and DNA, but the most small unity is the genes. So my work is enforces in genetic transcription.

The modern genetic says that the genes transcription involve in the life, it vary due to the external environment.
What is environment?The event that take plays in the present time and the collective  unconsciousness.
Where they are? On Internet.

(CU+events) + genes= creative act
In fact very artform have the date at the bottom of the name.

The aim of my work is to make clear to people that we are responsible for what we are and what are the others  and that we are the same thing. I want to invite them to be conscious about it, conscious of the fact that what we are doing  involves us and others: the unity in diversity.
Exactly what genetic says:  99 % of our genes sequence in the human are the same.