sue berg

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tap, 2014 Mixed Media 14x14x6
how i found you, 2014 Ceramic, Wood 6x14
approaching winter, 2013 Wood, Glass 12x12
lake sun, 2014 Wood, Glass ,Metal 18x12
stand, 2014 Wood 24x10
little seductions, 2013 Installation
grow, 2013 Mixed
whocha ya knittin, 2012 10x10
death boxes (detail #1), 2011 Mixed
death boxes (detail #2), 2011 Mixed
media-aided landscape, 2010 Mixed
Quick Facts
bamberg germany
Birth year
Lives in
torrington ct
Works in
winsted ct
Maine College of Art, 2001, MFA
University of Hartford, 1992, MED
PLymouth State University, 1981, BA
Representing galleries
torrington ct, Artwell Gallery
mixed-media, installation, video-art, modern, photography, digital, conceptual, sculpture, exhibition/performance

I am a new media artist. I make computer installations, small computer based sculptures and organize public works events.I dabble in video, photography, web and print design. My work borders on gadget, think about it. 

McLuhan said, "The printed book has encouraged artists to reduce all forms of expression as much as possible to the single descriptive and narrative plane of the printed word." To the artist, the artist's statement further boxes in the vastness of artistic expression. I believe artmaking is a snapshot of a moment in our lives. I react to the interactions that surround me.

I believe in art as social commentary. Although I neverspoon feed the viewer with content, it is there none the less. I work within a field of possibilities that require the viewer to think. The technological forms my work takes on is often misinterpreted as gadgetry, but if one looks beyond the surface the message becomes clear. Art consumers are used to the traditional media, they know how to approach and evaluate them. New Media requires a breaking down of preconceived notions. The subtle political aspect of my work is designed to educate and challenge. 

I believe in the creative power of technology. Technology offers the artist a vast range of expressive power. It takes all media that have come before it and puts them all in one place. New media is sculptural, painterly, photographic; it is the written word and sound. Technology as form requires science, math and design. It is a microcosm of our present as well as a modifier of our future. I examine our transforming society through the very system that is transforming it. I use technology to reinforce our content.

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