Kara Duffus

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Arrows Photography
Storm is Coming, July 2012 Photography
Quick Facts
New Jersey
Lives in
Hollywood, California
State University of New York at Purchase, 2005, BFA
mixed-media, photography

Art has been a part of my life from a young age – I was introduced to it as a child at my mom’s alternative learning school in New Jersey, which emphasized expression and creativity. My father was a film, music, and sound editor in Manhattan. I bought my first Polaroid camera when I was young, and later graduated to my father’s 35 mm film cameras when I was in high school.

As a result, I’m an artist who’s never been content to settle in just one area – I earned bachelor’s degrees in both photography and drawing at State University of New York at Purchase and studied communication design in Roanoke, Virginia. I take pictures. I draw and paint. I design.

Film and digital, acrylics and oils, tempera and charcoal are among the materials use -- but they're certainly not all of the materials I use.

I like finding light within darkness and beauty within disorder, and I love capturing an image or a moment in time that I can share, for others to see and experience.