steven gonzalez

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Movement © Steven Gonzalez 2011
Chaos, 2012 © steven gonzalez 2011
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new york
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Art institute of philadelphia, 2011, ASS
mixed-media, photography

Born and raised in New York City had allowed me to be surrounded by diversity in it's most raw state. At a young age, art became a way of expression and mental/emotional release. After graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I felt more confident with my work and attention to detail. I no longer was just an artist, but in actuality became a knowledgable one. I have also had the pleasure of exploring and traveling around the United States. I have experienced the vastness of the country-side along with the uniqueness of the different cities in America. My skills have broadened to not just illustrations, but also photography and painting. I believe in everything I do and accomplish. I now feel it is time for you to see how I view the world through my eyes.My artwork is focus on photography and abstract painting,i do work on graphhic design for example typography or illustrating.I am open to all different art meduims that i feel that i have the strength on.