Jarmila Kostliva

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Vocal Trace, 2016 Acrylic on Board on Board 26" X 34" © Jarmila Kostliva
Beams on Data, 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 14 X 11 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Pink Tide, 2009 Oil on Canvas 58 X 68 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Final Glow, 2013 Acrylic on Canvas 36" X 36" © Jarmila Kostliva
Blood Line, 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 20 X 20 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Criterion, 2014 Mixed Media on Board 36 X 27 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Language Drill, 2015 Acrylic on Canvas 30 X 24 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Destinations, 2012 Mixed Media on Canvas 20 X 20 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostiva
Top Sensor, 2014 Mixed Media on Board 28 X 33 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Injuction, 2014 Mixed Media Collage on Board 32 X 24 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Breakfast at Sequoias, 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 20 X 20 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
BioPulse, 2012 Mixed Media on Canvas 20 X 20 X 1.5 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Biomorph, 2013 Mixed Media on Canvas 20 X 20 X 2 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Second Skin, 2009 Mixed Media Collage on Canvas 12 X 10 X 0.5 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
Red Key, 2009 Acrylic on Canvas 14 X 11 Inches © Jarmila Kostliva
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College of Fine and Applied Arts, Graduated
canvas, acrylic, oil, panels, boards, abstracts, painting, abstract, mixed-media, pop, modern, photography, digital

Jarmila Kostliva's work explores abstract, biomorphic and subconscious scenery as motifs to describe the idea of imaginary reality. Using symbolic narratives and allegorical images as patterns, Kostliva creates meditative environments, which suggest the expansion of art and life's reality as dialog. Born in Prague, she has always been a participant of performing as well as fine arts.  Music, theatre and dance are all influences that imbue her work with personal insights and drama. Trained as a ballet dancer and performing in theatre in her native Prague and on tours in North and South America with dance companies was a personal accumulation of experiences. Drawing from a variety of cultural backgrounds, when traveling in search for diversity in ancient history, was a primal inspiration to most of her earliest work. She graduated from College of Fine and Applied Arts in Czech Republic. Her work was exhibited in Galleries in Europe, USA and Canada. She continues to develop her work in new concepts, in perception of new contemporary ideas, forms and techniques.

Resent Exhibitions

2015 Paintings on The Edge - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2014 Digital Imagery Exhibition - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2014 Paintings on The Edge - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2013 Artists Choice - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 

2013 Painting on The Edge - Federation Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Past  ExhibitIons

2009   Annual Fall Exhibition - Leighdon Studio Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2003   Drawings and Renderings - Architecture Institute, Vancouver, Canada

1999   Essence and Reflection – Studio Annual Exhibit, Vancouver, Canada

1999   New Art, Solo Exhibit– Royal Bank of Canada, Vancouver, Canada

1997   Montserrat Gallery, New York

1996   Joan Lovett Gallery, Vancouver,

1995   International Competition  Awards Exhibit – Gallery 54, New York

1995   Biennale de Paris d’Art Plastique Exhibit, – Fondation Napoleon, Paris, France

1995   Salon d’Automme  – Bordeaux, France 

1995   Gallery Dilo, Liberec, Czech Republic

1994   Form in Flux – Agora Gallery, New York

1994   Gallery 33 Bergman – Prague, Czech Republic

1994   A Propos de L’etre Humaine, Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, Canada

1994   South Miami Grand Prix Biennale – Wirtz Gallery, Miami, Florida

1994   Aura Gallery, Kefar Saba, Israel

1993   Beams of Light – Salon du Vieux Colombier, Paris, France

1993   Figure Transformed – Agora Gallery, New York

1993   Salon D’ October Flamboyance - Musse D’Art Moderne, Bordeaux, France

1992   Montserrat Gallery, New York

1992   Bennett’s Fine Arts, Vancouver, Canada

1991   Square with the Monument, International Competition,  Osaka, Japan

1991   Bennett’s Fine Art, Vancouver, Canada

1990   Harrington Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

1989   Harrington Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

1988   Carjon Corporation, Vancouver, Canada

1986   Expo 86 Artists – Pitt International Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


Selected for taking part in Florence Biennale, Italy
Cover Award for front cover of  New Art International 1997
Diplom d' Honneur Arts Plastiques, Int'l Exposition, Musee d'Art Moderne D'Unet, France
Winner of Art 95 International Competition, Gallery 54, New York
Acquisition Price in Visual Art Competition, Sodarco Gallery, Montreal 1995
Recognition of Significant Accomplishment by City of Miami Mayor, Florida 1994
 Ministry of Culture in France 1993 , Biennale & Salon d'Automne Flamboyance
 Grand Prix de Paris,  Mairie de Paris, Salon du Vieux Colombier 1993
 Certificate of Excellence, Montserrat Gallery, Soho International Competition New York 1992 



Graduated from College of Fine and Applied Art, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Concordia University, Independent studies, Fine Art, Montreal, Canada  

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