Carol Vendramini

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Reach, january 2013 Ink, Pencil, Cotton On Watercolour Paper 21cm X 30cm © Carol Vendramini
Reach, January 2013 Ink, Pencil & Cotton On Watercolour Paper 21cm X 30 Cm © Carol Vendramini
Arm Under One, November 2012 Ink, Biro, Newspaper, Fabric, Bleach On Cartridge Paper 21cm X 30 Cm © Carol Vendramini
Wear Your Heart, January 2001 Newspaper Collage And Letraset On Watercolour Paper 57cm X 120cm © Carol Vendramini
Exposed, March 2005 Newspaper Collage On Watercolour Paper 48cm X 77 Cm © Carol Vendramini
Slice of Life, January 2011 Newspaper Collage On Watercolour Paper 77cm X 48cm © Carol Vendramini
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collage-assemblage, mixed-media, surrealism, modern, figurative
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            My creative journey started when I was 12 years old attending the Pan-American School of Art of São Paulo for 3 years. This initial encounter with the fine arts world taught me basic techniques in which to explore my innate talent. Still life and landscape drawing, perspective, anatomy, portraiture, pen & ink, charcoal, pastels and colour application were some of the skills I exercised.

            In addiction to art I had a keen interest in writing and concrete poetry was my favourite method of combining art and words. At university I graduated as a journalist but discovered that I did not wish to work with what I call, cold reality, but from a technical point of view it had an enormous impact on my artistic visualization.

            A turning point occurred when I was assigned to write an article about street kids in Brazil. I observed that these kids covered themselves with pages of broadsheet newspapers to keep warm during the night – the very same communication vehicle my article was supposed to be printed on. Needless to say the outcome of my life was changed forever and I decided that what I wanted to do with a broadsheet newspaper was to see and transform the raw material into a different message. I wanted to see beauty and for that I started to develop collages.

             In 1995 I came to London and what was to be an adventurous gap year became my artistic life driven force as I found all the inspiration, evidence, visual aid and a recycle box full of printed matters from which my collage activities and writing flourished - a sustainable method of transforming a piece of written paper into a work of art.

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