Kellyann Gilson Lyman

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inertia 2010 collection | motion of matter in art, 2010 2010 Announcement ©
inertia 2010 colllection | motion in LA, NY, Paris & Tokyo, 2010 Mixed Medium 66 X 69 ©
inertia 2010 collection | beauty, see beauty in what you do, 2010 Mixed Medium 36 X 72 © | appropriated marilyn monroe images
inerita 2010 collection | motion in water, 2010 Mixed 40 X 60 ©
inertia 2010 collection | nature lighthouse lights, 2010 Mixed Medium 40 X 60 ©
in the white spaces | icons, peace, 2009, 57 x 64, 2009 Mixed Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Glass Crystals 57 X 64 © kellyann
Yes, love is the answer, 2009 Mixed Medium 36 X 72 ©
2009 in the white space icons | the president's stimulus, 2009 Mixed Medium 36 X 72 ©
2009 in the white spaces | icons, Women Power & Politics, the Madonna's , 2009 Mixed Medium 36 X 72 ©
in the white spaces | icons, peace over war, 2009 Miixed Medium 36 X 72 ©
in the white spaces | icons, graceful control, 2009 Mixed Medium 36 X 72 ©
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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), BA
University of California, Santa Barbara
Representing galleries
California Modern Gallery Fall 2008
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“My art is my language of refinement, always abstract & with a colorists’ palette.

art introspection...


where do you come from, where are your going & what does your art say?

I am self taught & inspired through my exchanges in culture, nature & humanity. My colors are lively & capture the viewer with pause. My art & designs conceptualize a process & work it to completion. Some structured, some construction, reconstruction.

My abstract paintings, conceptual work & photography range in scale from 5 x 5 to  64 x 72 inches. In each format, I explore a dialogue in color & form. My style has a thread of unity. Often working with line & form in patterns with influences from the architecture & organic shapes with simplified colors forming relationships of continuity.

My photography has a painterly element. I capture the subtlety of daily life with an elegant sense of whimsy, telling stories with single composition & a cinematographic arrangement of stills. 

Photography captures a moment, and painting requires one to work to create a moment. Conceptual work fuses all mediums, allowing for social commentary with humor, color, & thoughtful consideration.

My public art allows discourse on the visual arts & the creative process as integral to developing humanity. Art practice inspires commitment. I am engaging in collaborations with artists on a global basis, to push art dialogue & refinement in my art practice.

As a curator and art consultant, I have long studied abstract art, promoting my colleagues' work, while simultaneously developing my own. My work in creative direction for such professional image firms as Massa Design and NBCi has also enabled me to create memorable visual identities & campaign designs for specific clientele.


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