Jiwon Choi

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Yet Another Blow, 2014/8/22 Performance Still © Surina Fu
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School of Visual Arts New York (SVA)

Jiwon Choi (b.1991, Seoul, S.Korea) is a photo, video, and performance artist lives and works in New York City. She received BFA from School of Visual Arts (2013,) her works has been shown in New York, Seoul, Rotterdam, Beijing. Jiwon came to United States in 2005, at the age of 15 by herself to receive the American education. In almost ten years of her staying in United States, she became self­dependent through the emotional struggles and the cultural differences. She believes her identity is a proof of what cultural, social, and psychological amendments that she integrates with relation to her own internal spheres and ever­changing external worlds.

She investigates the questions that are in flux and constantly at stake, such as mass media and its effect on generation, virtualization of our life that contributed to the global expansion of identity crisis, and the homogenization of the world through technology that deprives our perception and sensitivity. She is pursuing meta-communication through photography, video, and performance, she tries to increase the dynamic between audience and artist by objectifying identity and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations. The sense of humor and sound supports a concrete modernist and alternative expression. Examining the ambiguity and origination via retakes and variations, she tries to grasp identity. Her works are given improper functions: significations inverse, form and content merge. Initially, unambiguous meanings are shattered and disseminate endlessly.