Željko Jančić Zec

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fokus, 2014 Digital Art 5 X 8 Inches © zec
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Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, 1997, 2001
mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, figurative, exhibition/performance

Željko Jančić Zec was born in Rijeka in 1969 where he finished primary and high school. He graduated in the Netherlands, at the Amsterdamse

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. He lives and works in Rijeka and Vienna.


He is a painter and multimedia artist, choreographer and director. He has performed and exhibited his works in Europe and in the USA. He is a member of the Croatian Dancers Association of Zagreb and Rijeka and of the IG Freie Theaterarbeit and Bildende Kunst of Vienna. He founded the art association "PART OF ART" in Vienna, which acts as a platform for various art forms. Since 2012 he is president of World Art Games (WAG) Austria. He lectures on Performance and Visual Arts in various schools and institutions in Croatia and abroad as well as at various festivals.

Jančić began to express artistically at the end of 1990s. He creates art in order to explore such issues as daily life, the human condition and the complexity of existence.

He has achieved numerous solo and group exhibitions on miscellaneous topics as: «Visions of creation», «Underwater world», «Santasija, «Companions», «Dialog», «Behind closed eyes». All works signifying the approach to finally reveal a new reality, one, evolving from his artistic autonomy. Graphic elements, the cleanness in expression, emphatic circulating lines, excessive and meddlesome pure colors are constitutive elements of his compositions. Free from traditionalism or trends of contemporary art, he feverishly announces his world of fine art and varying forms of expression. Following the example of their models, important representatives of the avant-garde, including primarily Dubuffet and Digger, and Miró and Klee, Jančić combines figurative elements with fluid visions.

Jančić´s painting are powerful and evocative, full of expression vital and creative energy, the author establishes a successful dialogue with the visual experience of the great teachers of color, without falling into the trap of imitating, creating his own authentic artistic expression undoubted value. Numerous of his works are in public and private property.

By working on performances he developed his photographic and cinematographic perspective. Since early 2000, photography and video had been an essential and constant part of his artistic activities. He has produced several photo series: «Piedina», «Treno terreno», «Showroom», «The ghost has no home», «Urban leisure», «Blind through life». This work opens him the possibility, to play with both, various cinematic techniques, expression and performing.

He has also produced a number of short experimental films that have been successfully shown at international film festivals: «Waterish», «The Second Man», «Comeback», «Blind through life». He won an award for the film «Waterish» at the Choreographic Captures International Competition 2008 Joint Adventures festival and for the film «The Second Man» at the 41st KRAF Festival in Rijeka.