Lili Lakich

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Mona, 1981 Neon 60"X48" © Lili Lakich
L.A. Angel, 1992 Aluminum, Brass, Glass, 1957 Plymouth Fury Quarter Panel, Lexan, Glass Tubing With Argon 9 X 75 X 3 Ft © Lili Lakich
Mambo, 1988 Aluminum, Brass, Copper; Argon, Helium And Neon Gas In Glass Tubing, Neon Crackle Tube 72 X 56 X 18 In (72 X 56 X 18 Cm) © Lili Lakich
SELF PORTRAIT WITH BLOND BOMBSHELL, 2003, 2003 Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Glass Tubing, With Argon And Neon Gases, Animator 110 X 106 X 13 In (305 X 216 X 33 Cm) © Lili Lakich
Virgin Flaming Heart, 2009 Aluminum, Brass,Argon Gas In Glass Tubing, Steel Virgin Of Guadalupe, Chrome Flame © Lili Lakich
Rapture, 2000 Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Found Object, Argon And Neon Gases In Glass Tubing, Animator 86 X 42 X 10 In (218 X 107 X 25 Cm) © Lili Lakich
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Washington, D.C.
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Los Angeles
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Los Angeles
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
neon, neon sculpture

Artist Lili Lakich exhibits more than 75 of her fine art neon sculptures in her 5,000 square-foot art studio and gallery in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Her illuminated metal sculptures have been exhibited on three continents and her large-scale public commissions include "L.A. Angel" at California Plaza in downtown Los Angeles, "Guardian" at Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach and "Flyaway" at the Van Nuys FlyAway Terminal. Lili was the founding director of the Museum of Neon Art (MONA). Her signature image, Mona, pays homage to the Mona Lisa by artist Leonardo da Vinci, the single most important and recognizable work of art in the world.

The shimmering, pulsing, luminous vibrancy of neon gives Lakich’s work a 21st century edge, despite the medium's primal appeal. Created over a period of more than four decades, her neon sculptures have brought expressiveness and a human dimension to this American art medium which is sometimes considered cold and commercial. Often highly charged with emotion and monumental in size, they are "like jewels salvaged from the modern world, transformed into icons of glistening beauty."