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© Chauvet Eric
© Chauvet Eric
© Chauvet Eric
In the Subway, 10/11/2012 Fine Art © Eric CHAUVET
The man of fair, 12/08/2012 Fine Art Print © Chauvet Eric
The man with a fox, 10/06/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
the trophy, 08/05/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
In the Subway, 17/11/2012 © Eric CHAUVET
The bridge of Ile de Ré, 14/05/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
The bridge of Ile de Ré, 12/05/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
The unknown woman, 14/06/2011 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
Auction Room, 07/05/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
No words just a smile, 25/07/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
Spiderman house, 17/07/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
BIARRITZ the beach, 04/06/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
In front of the Tulle's church, 16/10/2012 Fine Art Print © Eric CHAUVET
Winter Night, 12/12/2011 © Eric CHAUVET
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Niort, Poitou-Charentes
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IPhoneographe sur IG Photographer, working also for a Press-Agency. I live in Poitou-Charentes, French.   Niort France ·  

I will introduce a series of new images in color or black and white made mostly with my iPhone.

"Web 2.0. For me Terra Nova, a new continent, which accelerates and stimulates my creative process. And iPhone? As a bridge between my "old" professional photographer and a new writing done on the phone. Freedom, freedom, freedom cherie, you revoila, as at the time of Polaroid when I loved discovering so quickly (!), A result realistic image and raw. Same freedom i-Day in London gesture and even uncertainty, henceforth iPhonographique, pictures of my new continent.

In the 1930s, Walker Evans called "recording pure" availability photographic act relieved of any further concern that trigger the shot. In the late 60s and early 70s Bernard PLOSSU devices were used "cheap" Agfamatic Sensor or Stretch, disposable panoramic cameras. This practice lasted long with these "toys devices." The purpose was not to show that you can make beautiful pictures with a crappy camera when you're a good photographer but rather to promote a different relationship to photography both as an image and as a practice. Bernard speaks of perception Plossu fleeting availability at the event, ... Text from the wonderful book "Cloud and Sun and Serge Bernard Plossu Tisseron" published by Marval in 1987.
I am now in the same practice, Benjamin LOWY, an American who shoot in Afghanistan in Kabul in January 2011, with its iPhone, said "the way I feel lighter, more instantaneous discharge", Damon Winter, New York Times photographed a battalion of Marines in northern Afghanistan with his iPhone 4. They are criticized but the smartphone is an additional tool that the choice depends on the time and story to tell. Damon Winter has responded to the attacks by claiming that the iPhone is nothing more than a new tool, which "beauty lies in the approach and it allows different look." See also article 6 Months on the image to the iPhone that invades News Agency.