Donatella Marraoni

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Prendimi, 01/01/2013 Plaster Coated Wood 27x48h Cm © 2013 Donatella Marraoni
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Accademia di Belle Arti "Pietro Vannucci" in Perugia, 1997, 1st hons
self-expression, expressionism, mixed-media, landscape, modern, figurative
Biography - Le Aly di Lia di Donatella Marraoni

Le Aly di Lia by Donatella Marraoni

- The sacred meets the profane (lightness & dark), love and passion in a thousand shades.


The Aly Lia by Donatella Marraoni was born from the need to search for transparency, light, exaltation of shapes and colors by sometimes using a media so delicate and fragile such as glass. Very often Donatella makes use of mirrors, creating reflections of light and brightness. Since her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, the search for transparency has characterized her artistic growth and she continues experimenting with continuous techniques and forms of expression. Living in England played its role in the creative process, a place where the light is shrouded in fog, where life is rocked by a subdued and melodious existence and from it being surrounded by the pearly gray of time. The glass is never just a means, but is instead an  indisputable and fundamental driving force in the development of the opera: the glass speaks, it calls and indicates how and where to paint.

The light is also sought through strong messages, hard and violent collected in works devoted to the nuances of pencil, ink and plaster ... a collection of images that come to life on paper lined with color; scratchy, indefinite, dirty, hard and confusing as is the message between love and the excess of perversion. Romantic, profane, imaginative, sensitive, strong ... messages with opposites facing each other and which do nothing but tell our stories, our securities, uncertainties, fantasies, perversions and fears ... they do nothing but talk about US!

Curriculum vitae
Year 1996/97 worked together setting up the Forma Urbis Show in February 1997 Gubbio Biennale Exhibition of Engraving Gallery Atelier Perugia April 1997 exhibition "What is" Atelier Gallery Perugia in August 1998 the author of the chosen work a representation of the exhibition "Vinarelli '98" Manifesto on the fifteenth edition PRO LOCO TORGIANO September 23, 1997 Degree in Painting, received 23 September 1997 at the Accademia di Belle Arti "Pietro Vannucci" in Perugia with a score of 110/110 and lode. Art history thesis titled "Matter Light in Art of the Twentieth Century." Rapporteur prof. Bruno Cora.